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Quoracreative welcomes unsolicited articles and blog posts.

We welcome all writers, from all backgrounds and experience levels.

Whether you just need somewhere to start posting your work and would like to receive feedback, or you are an experienced writer who want to add their personalities to our resources, expand your portfolio or offer advice, we have a space for you.

Do you have a good idea for an engaging post that fits our blog?

We would love to hear about you and work together to bring you, other content marketers, seo professionals, web designers and potential clients, an ultimate resourse, by providing great content on topics that interest them!

What Content Are We Looking For?

Our blog is intended to be a resource hub for creatives, as we provide services and knowledge base for Content Marketing, SEO, Web development and Web Technologies.

Our aim is to provide our readers with articles written by people who love what they do and want to share their experiences and expertise in these topics:

  • Content Marketing (from basics to experts).
  • SEO (from basics to experts).
  • Statistics, E.g. (voice search statistics)
  • Web Design & Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Reviews
  • Guides & Tips
  • Web Technologies
  • Voice Search
  • Digital Marketing
  • Artificial Intelligence Related(ML, NLP, AI, )
  • Mobile SEO

What are the qualities of a good article

  1. It is written as someone knowledgeable about the topic.
  2. The idea and structure of the post are clear.
  3. Is written for one (or several) of the audiences.
  4. Visuals support the post and are well created.
  5. Backed by facts and points to good further information and resources.
  6. Is written in an engaging way.

Guest Posting Guidelines Do's

  • Submit 100% original content
  • Write longer than 1,500 words
  • Give practical and actionable tips
  • Add useful images to describe the points you mention
  • Backup up your points with research and real-life data
  • Link to supporting resources and other helpful guides online
  • Make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes
  • Format your article so it's easy to read
  • Use bullet lists, and Headings etc

Guest Posting Guidelines Don'ts

  • Write purely for search engine
  • Include affiliate link in your article
  • Add links to low-quality content (we will remove it)
  • Include stock photos that add no value to your writings
  • Over promote yourself or your website or your products
  • Include keyword-focused links in your bio (only brand names allowed)

If you are looking for back-link  / Do-Follow link, we are OK with that but with following conditions:

For promotion: Maximum one link. We need to review you promotional link before we accept your article.

For Citation: You can refer any number of resources

Not Allowed link types:

No matter how great an article is. if it points to a low quality/spamming/fishy website, it's a NO

A few (bad) examples:

  • Research paper / Essay / Assignment / Academic writing services
  • Buy likes and followers
  • Links not related to our niche (Clothes sales etc)

What Happens If You Ignore Guidelines for Do-follow links?

If you ignore or violate our do-follow links guidelines, one of the following could happen.

  • We can straight away reject you article.
  • If you add too many promotional links, we might remove extra links. While deciding which one to keep, the decision rests with the editors. We don't entertain requests to change the link with another one, after the article has been published.
  • We might remove your some or all of links that voilate our posting guidelines and publish the article.

These rules apply to both, the content and the author bio.

Author Bio:

Please provide following with your article.

  • A brief bio
  • Minimum one link for your readers to follow(Website/LinkedIn/Facebook etc)
  • A picture, approx  150 * 150 resolution

Do not copy.

Please be advised and follow it religiously. Copied content is easily discoverable and we will carry detailed checks using professional-grade tools.

An instant ban awaits in case something smells. We hope you understand so please do not waster your time.

Copyrights And Changes:

By submitting your article, Quoracreative will automatically become the copyright owner of the content submitted to quoracreative and published by quoracreative in return.

Your rights after submission

By submitting your article to quoracreative you agree to above guidelines and terms and conditions for guest posting with us.

Collaboration and contribution

Our in-house team might edit and contribute further to your work.

Our search engine optimization team might review and enhance an article further.

This includes changes to written content, images and any media you submit.

We might remove or add any content to your original submission.

Do not worry. You would receive full credit for your work. It will be published exclusively under your name.

Guest Posting Template

  • Use headings: for all subtopics.
  • Sub divide: your article into at least 5 sub headings.
  • Min 1500 words: As we mentioned, a minimum of 1500 words is acceptable.
  • Description/introduction: Includde an opening section for the post, also known as Description/introduction section.
  • Final section: A closing section for the post, also known as "the takeaways" or "conclusion" for readers.
  • Images: Do not add images inside article body. Upload your images to a third parting service and include source link, where you want ##ur images to appear in the content. (Do not add images in side the content) Main Image: Include the main image of the article as an attachment or link in the email.

10 Rules For Guest Posting

  • Rule #1: Content must be in detail. Minimum 1500 words.
  • Rule #2: Content should be of high quality with no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Rule #3: Content must be 100% original, 100% unique (No republishing).
  • Rule #4: Divide your content into at least five sections (headings) including the introduction and conclusions.
  • Rule #5: Images should be at least 800px wide and Max size 500 KB.
  • The Capitalization in titles and subtitles must be as a "Title Case."
  • Rule #6: Carefully select your outgoing links.
  • Rule #7: Provide attribution for all data or statistics cited with a hyperlink.
  • Rule #8: Write about a niche topic where possible.
  • Rule #9: Self promotion is OK but promote yourself or your product professionally. Do not over-promote.
  • Rule #10: Must provide an author bio and include picture (150px) and at least one follow link for readers (website/facebook/linkedIn etc).

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How Do I Submit My Article?

  • We've created a guest post pitch form to make the process easier.
  • Alternatively, you can email us your article:

[email protected]

Please mention "Guest Post" in the subject.

We're constantly checking for new pitches but please allow a week before we write back.

If you don't hear from us it's possible your pitch isn't what we're looking for at the moment, but we encourage you to pitch other post ideas you have.

If we feel your pitch is a good fit for our blog we'll write back and schedule it our calendar. After that, we'll assign an editor for you to work with. Please don't start writing until you hear from our editors as they usually have very insightful input to share with you!

Review and connect

Your articles will be reviewed by Asad, who is the content strategist at quoracreative. You can connect with him at twitter/Asad

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