2D Animation Studios: Ultimate Guide For Hiring In 2020

2D Animation Studios: How To Find And Identify The Best One?

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Last Updated: February 19, 2020
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Video content is marching on. More and more businesses are joining the trend and using animated videos for marketing and promotions. did you know, an animated explainer video on a landing page has the potential to increase conversions for that landing page by as much as 20%. There are many animation studios out there but how to find the best one? In this article, I will explain, how to find 2D Animation Studios and things to look for when hiring a 2D animation studio.

Jane Collen

The digital world today is all about videos, with 54% of consumers wanting to see more video content from a brand they engage with.

This demand is giving rise to Video marketing as a complete marketing tool, with 87% of marketing experts leveraging videos as a marketing tool on their websites and social media platforms.

This is a trend that businesses are trying to capture, but not all videos are made equal. If you’re looking to add videos to your marketing strategy, you have to first find the best creative partners for your brand’s video content.

For e.g. those who know and have had videos a core part of their marketing strategy know that some of the top industry brands in this regard are yumyumvideos, Buzzflick, Wyzowl among others, but what about those who are completely new to this sphere?

How do they find and identify the best 2D animation studio?

Here are the top tips that can help them make their own choice when hiring a 2D animation studio.

How To Find 2D Animation Studios

1. Social Media

Social media is a global village where you can find hundreds of credible animation studios. Facebook is one medium on which finding animation studios will not be too hard, especially as brands focus on cultivating a digital presence in the modern world. You can look for local businesses through Facebook’s search results or use keyword-specific search methods to find the best 2D animation studios online for your business.

2. Business Listing Sites

Business listing sites are a credible source of finding any kind of business and that will work for 2D animation studios as well. Websites such as Clutch.Co and Goodfirms are a great resource to both find 2D animation studios but to also assess their reviews and ratings for a holistic understanding of their consumer’s experience.

3. Organic Search Results

Google is the best place to find the answer to any question you might have. You can use specific industry-related keywords for organic search results on Google, which will show you a big list of 2D animation companies.

Organic search results show the best companies out there since Google values authority and expertise before giving brands a higher SERP ranking based on keywords, on its platform.

Things To Look At When Hiring A 2D Animation Studio

1. Portfolio

A company’s portfolio is an excellent way for you to gauge their expertise. It gives you insights on their quality of work, which is crucial information when you’re choosing a 2D animation studio.

There are four things you should keep an eye out for when looking at a company’s portfolio:

There are four things you should keep an eye out for when looking at a company’s portfolio:

  • Variety of 2D animation (Whiteboard animation, explainer videos, etc.)
  • Industries that they’ve worked in.
  • Quality of Work.
  • Messaging

This will give you a decent insight into their expertise and how they align with your specific requirements. Another critical consideration within their portfolio is how clearly you can see the message that their videos are sending. Because at the end of the day, if the message of a video isn’t clear, it’s aesthetics don’t bear any benefit to the owner of the video content.

2. Client Recommendations

Client recommendations are another great resource that you can find on a business’ social media accounts or on business listing forums such as Clutch.co.

The two things that client recommendations can exhibit is the overall satisfaction of a company’s ex-clients with regards to quality and their experience of going through the consumer journey.

If the client recommendations promise a swift and seamless consumer journey, then that’s a major plus point that you should consider within your decision-making process.

3. Animation Style

Judging the animation style of a 2D animation studio is a technical job, which for laymen might be slightly complicated.

There are multiple things that you need to consider within the video that counts as animation style.

  1. Are the drawings and elements in the video contemporary?
  2. Are the characters and design elements original?
  3. Does the video take into consideration your business’ branding – such as the color theme?

These questions are crucial for you to understand if the 2D animation company you’re opting for is the best fit for you. The company has to recognize your business’ specific voice, branding, and messaging.

The next thing you have to assess is how they design their frames and transition from one part of the video to another. The transition has to be seamless, the video has to be smooth, and every component has to feel connected to the other.

While these things can be judged intuitively while watching a video they animated, keeping these things in mind can help you focus more on finding out answers to the specific things that can make or break your entire video marketing strategy

4. Communication and Transparency

The success of a project is deeply tied to the collaborative efforts of a client and the team in charge of their project.

When you’re in the consumer cycle, always ask questions regarding a business’ method of communication.

The best 2D animation Studios will always use project management software, be it Jira or Asana. This software is integral to keeping the communication lines open and transparent, ensuring maximum accountability.

These platforms allow clients to keep track of the project’s progress. If a company is not using any software that keeps you regularly updated, then that’s a red flag you should be wary of

5. Voiceover Quality

One big thing that most people forget to check when checking for animation quality is the quality of the voiceover that is integrated within the video.

The voiceover in the video has to be incredibly clear while maintaining a balance with any other audio cues in the video.

This includes the emotion and feel behind the word and the accent with which the voiceover is recorded. It plays a massive role in how your video is perceived by your target audience, so keeping this factor in mind is also vital for your brand’s video.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is simple – the process of finding and identifying the best 2D animation Studio for your video marketing project is going to be hectic.

It requires significant effort and due diligence from your end to ensure that the money you’re investing in getting a video animated is worth it.

By assessing multiple businesses and their individual capabilities according to these metrics, you can identify the Best 2D animation company to hire for your video.

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