How To Market Your Business on Amazon The Right Way

How To Market Your Business on Amazon The Right Way

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Last Updated: January 22, 2021
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Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular as we live in a digital era. There is no stopping E-commerce businesses from thriving in the world market. Last year saw the greatest rise in online sales and Amazon came as a big winner. e can’t deny that Amazon’s growth brings massive profits to various online business owners. It became the dominant online retailer worldwide, which means an excellent channel to expand your market. This platform can help shoppers to discover your product and brand. In this article we will explore best ways you can market your business on Amazon.

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Selling products on Amazon may pave the way to tons of opportunities and challenges for your business.

To gain profit as a seller, you have to keep up or stand out against over two million merchants. You can’t expect to increase your revenue by just listing your product on Amazon, and wait for potential customers to stumble across your brand.

It means continuous effort and improvement. You can’t anticipate having consistent sales every day.

Let’s discuss effective marketing strategies to ensure you can keep up with the competition.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media influence is immeasurable. To increase your product presence in the market, you can use the social media influence to your advantage. These are powerful tools to build your brand and business.

The opportunities are huge, including establishing a connection to your customers, generating leads, building authority and traffic, and improving the customer service approach.

Your content should vary depending on your business. Before anything else, you should define your target audience and determine your themes and style.

It’s essential to be consistent with your approach. As for the customer service angle, make sure to respond to every comment as a way of your interaction. Make them feel that you value their question, comments, and ideas. This is also a great way to demonstrate that you are paying attention to them.

Use a review management strategy

Customer reviews have enormous value on Amazon, that’s why they are ranking factors for search results. These are also the deciding factors for the majority of the customers. That is why the experts from Infinite FBA have helped several sellers to increase their product reviews.

They have designed software that automates the communication between purchaser and seller. In this way, the seller can increase the number of reviews as emails are automatically sent in a certain period. You can also find relevant tools online that would help your business to survive in the market competition.

To achieve the best results, review management should be a part of your daily routine. Marketing on Amazon requires you to answer all reviews, including negative feedback.

Handling negative reviews and turning them into a satisfactory level will impact the decision of future shoppers. As for the customer service approach, it is essential to build and be consistent with your brand voice.

Encourage them to leave comments and suggestions to increase your reviews in the future. Once you have excellent reviews, do not forget to share those with your social media channels.

The great experiences of other shoppers will likely motivate other customers to purchase your products and trust your brand. Having a review management strategy would make a massive difference in your product sales and profit. Be consistent with this approach to continue driving results.

Adopt an email marketing campaign

The majority of the companies use an email marketing strategy because of its impressive return on investment. This is an excellent way to reach target shoppers, brand awareness, and encourage them to purchase your product.

Email marketing brings immense value to the e-commerce industry because statistics have shown that consumers have a high interest in promotional emails. The majority of the shoppers always check their emails.

To ensure you can maximize the use of this strategy, it is essential to have the right knowledge of the right approach as well as the content. You can include sale and promotion highlights, the launch of the new products, or exclusive coupons.

Subscribers are essential to this strategy. If you already have a list, then you can select the platform to use. However, if there’s no existing list of subscribers, you can add sign-up forms to your website, and social media pages and offer incentives or discounts, including exclusive content.

You must have a content strategy too.

You cannot expect your recipients to read lengthy email content. Aside from that, you must have a schedule to follow when to send email campaigns to ensure that you do not spam your subscribers with emails.

Schedule a limited time promotion

To create brand awareness, you have to earn exposure for your products by doing a limited-time promotion. You can do this by not having a discounted price, but instead a promotion that includes freebies, or another add-on item that encourages shoppers to purchase your product and share it on their social media.

Price is the most influential deciding factor for several customers. That is why the majority of shoppers look for promotions, coupons when they shop.

If you want to drive sales for your product on Amazon, you need to create an offer for shoppers that they can’t resist. It is vital to know the wants of your audience, and gauging if it’s financially feasible for your business.

Take advantage of social media to reach a wide range of customers to let them know of your limited-time promotion. Take advantage of seasonal shopping, leverage the traffic to Amazon during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Just remember, those promotional sales are not to always increase the revenue, but to generate brand exposure to the public.

Optimize product listings

Product listings play a vital role in the e-commerce business. The majority of the shoppers on Amazon decide just a matter of a few seconds whether they want to engage further to the product details page, or go back to their search results.

Remember that your product title matters to them. It should clearly describe the item and ensure that it matches customers’ needs. The product description matters as well as bullets that cover the key areas the customers want to know. You can mention the warranty or the customer service that can help them troubleshoot issues, and answer questions on top of their heads.

As for the product description, it must contain the brand voice, key selling points, and supporting facts to convince the shoppers that your product is what they are looking for.

Another critical area of Amazon selling is quality images that should clearly show the product before zooming in. Photos of additional angles are also relevant. You have to also ensure that you are following the standard guidelines of amazon about product photos.

Revamp your packaging

In an online business, it’s vital not to remain stagnant. You need to make an impact on future shoppers as your business continues to market on Amazon.

Finding ways to increase the interest of potential buyers and repeat customers can be done in different ways, including revamped packaging. As you adopt digital marketing, you can always incorporate the traditional strategy.

Your packaging should carry and emphasize your brand. Make it as simple as possible, and easy for the customer to open. Consider including an invite to leave reviews and contact details to reach customer service. Another idea that you can incorporate in the packaging is something that is with added value. For instance, your product is a grill, then including a grilling recipe is an excellent idea.

Revamping your product package is also another way to support your other marketing strategies. However, please bear in mind to always adhere to Amazon packaging standards.

Do competitor analysis

To have an effective marketing strategy, the first step is to understand what you’re up against. You can learn various critical points of what customers want and don’t want from your competitors’ reviews. Shoppers are often clear of their feedback, and you can take advantage of these to enhance the products and services. Whether it’s the packaging, price, shipping, these are great opportunities for you to strive for improvements. If you see that your competitor is out of stock, this can be a good time to lower prices and increase ads.

Doing a competitor analysis is also an excellent move to find the right pricing for your product. You can’t just price your product without considering the competition in the market. Make sure to adhere to Amazon’s selling contract price to avoid the suspension of your account.

Selling on Amazon brings a lot of benefits to your business, but you have to also understand the competition and its complexity as a marketplace. Once you take the time to learn to optimize your listings, marketing your products, then you are in the best position to compete with other brands.

One of the most important factors to consider in the online business is what you want to see and experience as a customer. Understanding their needs and focusing on what matters to your potential shoppers would make a difference to your business. Implementing a marketing strategy is not always a guarantee to increase sales. Continuous evaluations and assessments are necessary for the success of your online business.

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