How To Market Your Business Better Using Social Media and Text Messaging

How To Market Your Business Better Using Social Media and Text Messaging

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Last Updated: February 17, 2021
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These days, marketing is all about how your brand is represented on social media and how you engage with your audience online. People are more drawn to a product or a business with the ability to interact with it through their online platforms. It’s definitely an element that has helped many companies and traders grow their business with more social media users joining every day. Many marketing techniques exist that companies use to promote their business, such techniques include social media interaction, virtual branding, and outbound SMS campaigns that are sent to potential customers. Here, we’ve put a simple and useful guide on how a business can market its products through the use of social media and text messaging.

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What is SMS Marketing

Marketing through sending outbound text messages to customers who have opted to receive this kind of promotion is one of the most direct ways of reaching your audience and promoting your brand.

SMS promotions have a great power of reaching a huge number of customers even with businesses that have minimal budgets. Multiple types of business SMS can be sent to customers.

Those types include sending limited-time offers, business reminders, alerts of discounts and special sales, welcome messages for new customers who recently signed up, and notifications for new updates and releases.

If used in the right way, SMS marketing can be a big move for small companies and businesses trying to increase their revenue. especially if linked with the right use for social media.

This combination can help businesses interact with the right customers, at the right time, and in the right place.

These days, it’s all about knowing what the customer wants and when they want it, if a product is marketed at the wrong time and to the wrong people, it can actually bring negative feedback to its brand.

The Benefits of Marketing Through Social Media Outlets

The existence of a business on social media platforms is pretty much a must these days, an opportunity that cannot be missed out. More than half of your customers will look up their needed services and products through online searches.

This tells you a lot about where you should be promoting your brand if you are looking to increase your audience. The use of the multiple social media platforms we have online will play a more important economical role in marketing your business. It will also work on creating an open and understandable dialogue between you and your audience to reach their interests and needs. You can enhance the awareness of your product and build a solid loyal fanbase for your business just by the presence of your brand online.

Additionally, it’s a very powerful way to grab the attention of potential customers and earn your own business leads that can help promote your content. The key is knowing when to communicate with your audience so it reaches them at a time they need your content the most. Especially, if you can direct these users to the right place.

A good example of this is when companies use their social media presence to direct traffic to their web portals where people can find more about the product and be able to interact with it.

Social media will also allow you to be updated on all competitor news and updates and new ways of which you can use to promote your content. This will give your business more visibility and open up better opportunities for you to influence your audience and meet their standards.

Choosing The Best Social Media Platforms

You can find several social media platforms where your business can thrive. However, knowing which platform to focus on and present your content through is the key element for your marketing plan and to increase your sales. You should be asking yourself where your target audience goes for specific products. Analyze your content and your brand to know who your audience is, what their interests are, and where they spend the most time online. If your customers can connect with your brand easily without looking around, there are bigger chances they will choose your brand. Create business accounts on the platforms where your customers spend the most time and use them to promote and connect with more similar shoppers.

For example, if your business offers photo editing tools and apps, your go-to place should be Instagram, and so on depending on the type of services you provide. It takes some research and determination but once you know how your buyers find their points of interest and needs, you will be able to directly provide them with your service. Make sure you also set foot on more than one platform to be able to reach the largest audience possible.

Promoting Engagement

Coming from its name, social media promotes social feasibilities, not just for entertainment purposes, but also for business. This is why brands have to keep up with that and allow their followers to interact with their page easily. Through the benefits of social media, a brand can promote their content through their posts, videos, and other virtual and social features. Make sure to post the type of content that your customers want to read about.

Create monthly giveaways, share influencing videos, like and comment on others’ posts. Try as much as possible to have a consistent presence by assigning social media moderators to keep an active feed for your followers. To maintain a consistent social media presence, your business needs to research the audience base to find out their interests and come up with similar content for the brand page.

Gain More SMS Opt-ins Through The Power of Social Media

Your SMS marketing campaign can really benefit from the offers given by social media. Through the new windows and outlets that have opened up on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, a business can easily promote its SMS opt-in services. This is because your followers are already interested in your brand, so they will be easily interested in your SMS services. Such services allow your customers to stay updated on your brand’s new releases and events. Post offers and rewards for opting for your brand’s SMS services, make sure you give them winnings they can’t say no to. This way, you will be able to have a background of the most potential customers to your brand.

Post Videos

Social media is all about visual entertainment. Video content can do magic when it comes to attracting customers. People love to see ads in video forms. It’s a great way of displaying your content and grabbing people’s attention at the same time. It also opens a great engagement gate for your followers to interact with your services, videos stand out on your followers’ feeds and are easily shared for interaction. What’s even better is that through videos you can express more and provide more details without taking a big space of their feed or creating a long boring post that will most probably be ignored. Always use narrative techniques to talk to your audience through your videos, send them the right message, and promote more engagement with your posts.

Create An Automated Reply Text System

When your customers sign up for your SMS opt-ins or subscribe to one of your text-to-win contests, they will expect interaction from your company’s side. Be sure to prepare your services with automated reply texts to congratulate your users for winning, or to confirm their subscriptions, or thank them for signing up. The more you interact with your audience, the more potential customers you will gain. Another good idea is to create automatic reply texts that contain a link for your brand website. This will help you increase traffic for your brand portal and increase the sales of your product.

This link can also direct users to a specific post on social media, or to a blog, or a page where customers can sign up for free services. Automated reply text messages are very important for your SMS campaign, so make sure to use them for marketing your products and engaging with your users.

Avoid Over-promoting on Social Media

Social media cannot be treated like regular real life or TV advertisement, meaning you don’t have to promote your content in every post. Your followers are most probably going to scroll away from your posts if they all contain the same promotional message. You want to post content that your followers want to see or read. Don’t write long paragraphs and choose topics that your followers want to talk about. Let them send suggestions for your posts or videos. The point is to balance between selling and customer engagement to maintain a loyal list of followers.

Nowadays, the use of SMS marketing and social media both together can be a very effective way of delivering important information about your services and displaying your product in whatever form the people want to see. This combination helps many businesses in targeting their audience and gathering the needed information about their potential customers. It helps in growing the number of customers and approaching them in much more direct ways than any other form of marketing.

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