How Is Social Media Marketing Changing the Way People Do Business

Impact Of Social Media Over Business Approach And Marketing Strategies Is Huge. An In-depth Analysis For 2019

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Last Updated: February 17, 2021
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The popularity of social networks leads companies to start doing business in accordance with this trend. In this article, we will talk about how social networks are changing business approaches and marketing strategies in 2019.

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The number of users of social networks is growing like an avalanche, increasing each year by about one and a half times.

Many narrow-profile services have appeared. Even social networks for cats and dogs.

The popularity of social networks such as whatsapp leads companies to start doing business in accordance with this trend. In this article, we will talk about how social networks are changing business approaches and marketing strategies in 2019.

Companies Are Compelled To Bear Responsibility For Each of Their Actions

Before Web 2.0, online communications were a road with one-way traffic. The company made an advertisement, and the reaction of the audience was calculated only by the number of sales. Today, customer confidence is visible in the comments, shares and interactions. Brands have become significantly closer to their customers and new ecosystems have developed, which in turn imposes great responsibility on companies.

Now it is impossible to hide an error or a flaw, and pretend that nothing is happening. All problems must be resolved promptly. The larger the brand, the larger its audience and even a simple spelling mistake will be noticed.

Business Is Becoming More Ideological and Socially Oriented

Today, business is close to the user and society as a whole as never before. And this is the merit of social networks to a large extent. This has led companies to develop whole ideologies that are close to the life values of their potential customers. Moreover, companies are compelled and strive to make the world a better place and share this approach on social networks.

In 2019, a socially-oriented business ideology is not only a competitive advantage, but it is also one of the main ways to gain trust and loyalty.

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Word of Mouth Comes to the Fore

Traditional marketing messages tell their customers: "Hey, you have a problem, and we know how to solve it."

Social networks, in turn, allow the users’ community to discover this unmet need or unsolved problem through communication with the same people and, at the same time, receive suggestions and appeals to address these needs.

In other words, the problem and its solution appear through word of mouth within the social network. The companies, in turn, are forced to carefully monitor the recommendations that their customers give to other users.

Companies Are Increasingly Using the Power of Influence

According to the Business Insider, the volume of the global influencer marketing market will be $15 billion by 2022. And this is half of the projected global volume of business costs for digital.

Many businesses are already beginning to understand how effective marketing of influence in social networks can be. In 2019, this is not just an additional budget line item for advertising in digital, but a separate channel with a separate budget, in which companies need to invest time and money.

This year, influencer marketing has become an important part of the media mix. Opinion leaders are used by marketers, social networks contribute to the growth of popularity. Like native advertising / sponsored content, influencer marketing helps companies interact with their target audience more naturally. Influencers help increase engagement, trigger brand discussions, and increase product/service sales.

Modern brands are looking for unobtrusive ways to attract an audience, gain their trust and attention. This is especially important in conditions of fragmentation of the audience, reduction of organic reach in social networks, concerns about the security of the environment, the penetration of ad blockers.

By communicating with the audience through influencers, small brands can cope even without a website, using technologies that allow companies to make one-click sales through opinion leader accounts. This is an option that integrates into Instagram and will cost the brand an average of $ 300/month.

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Companies Use Social Media to Enter New Markets with Localized Offers and Content

With the help of social networks, foreign target audiences are getting closer. International companies use the power of this opportunity. Initial investments to enter the international market through social networks are not great - companies need to localize content for social networks using specialized services, for example, The Word Point, and also to adapt the product a little to the demands of new user groups.

Analysis Of Data From Social Networks Is Becoming the Core for Shaping Future Marketing Strategies

Modern social networks have significantly changed the way the question is posed.

Today, researchers have a “free” resource for obtaining voluntarily provided information. The rapid spread of social online services and the development of Big Data technologies have triggered an interest in using information from social networks in various industries. The joint use of structural and content data potentially allows the use of social networks to solve a wide range of business tasks. This is the fight against fraud, brand management, advertising of goods and services, the formation of new distribution channels, etc.

Social networks contain a lot of valuable material from which the company can get information about the preferences and characteristics of users. For this, it is first necessary to identify the customer. This is far from being possible for all alternative resources - people do not register on many of them or indicate insufficiently identifying data. Even where there is enough data to identify the client, there may not be useful additional information about the person.

Social networks in this regard are the most suitable source, containing information for identifying the client, and additional data on preferences, marital status, education, social circle, etc.

Companies Use The Example Of Social Networks To Design the Most Successful Logos

Logotypes of popular social networks were developed taking into account the psychology of users and even the teachings of Feng Shui. For example, blue and violet colors are used by social networks, email services, video portals, and browsers.

From the point of view of the Feng Shui School of Forms, blue is good for the field of information technology and communications. They resonate with feelings of reliability, trust, stability. In turn, the red color and its shades stimulate emotions, cause positive, contribute to active communication.

Companies that focus on social media promotion also take this approach into account when developing their logo. Using social media icons as an example, you can learn how to create a good and successful logo. There is such a pattern - a profitable company has the right logo in terms of the Feng Shui School of Forms.

Companies Have to Anticipate Users’ Needs

Today, marketing is already an analysis of market demand and consumer preferences.

In 2019, this is a constant search for opportunities to expand the capacity of markets, forecasting future needs. To successfully compete in the market today, it is necessary to anticipate the slightest changes in the preferences, needs, and demands of consumers in advance, rebuilding the production program and marketing strategy for them. Before talking about the future needs and demands of consumers, it is necessary to detail the components of consumer behavior in the market.

The central place in consumer behavior is occupied by requests and preferences. Other important elements are stimuli, sensations, motives, their awareness and perception of information.

In this context, social networks are ideal for predicting trends and buying behavior. Already created machine learning algorithms are able to analyze the most popular discussions, determine the mood of users, and make predictions about what could be potentially popular in the near future.

This forms the basis of the marketing and production strategies of companies in 2019 and beyond, and this approach will be further developed.

User-Generated Content in the Spotlight

This is especially true for companies operating in the B2C market. Traditional marketing activities involved complete control of marketing communications. However, virtual space and social networks in particular significantly change this idea. Users of social networks today carry out marketing communications themselves and are often generators of the information flow relating to a particular organization.

User-generated content is not a new marketing tool. But brands began to actively use it in 2019. Why? Because it turned out that this is the driving force of conversion. Experts believe that user-generated content “appeals to a person’s basic instinct - to create, participate and interact, rather than look from the outside.” For example, the Campus Protein brand constantly publishes and shares content created by its customers in its profiles on social networks.

The effectiveness of user-generated content is confirmed by statistics (which, as you know, is very difficult to argue with). According to a study by Yotpo, of more than 1 million online shoppers, people who see user-generated content shop 166% more often than people who don’t see it. Using such content, the company puts in the first place not a business, but a client - and this is always a winning approach.

The Other Point Of View

There is also the opposite opinion, whose supporters say that social networks, on the contrary, harm business, and it is quite possible to be successful without being present on social platforms.

And this is partly true.

However, if your business involves constant contact with a wide target audience, social networks are the best tool for this purpose.

Conclusion: What Do They Get as a Result?

Social networks really change the way companies approach their businesses and their approaches to shopping. There is no reason to believe that in the near future the impact of social networks on business will decrease. At the same time, the results of the work of modern companies in social networks are as follows.

  • The efficiency of lead generation in social networks is almost 2 times higher than such methods as exhibitions, telemarketing, e-mail marketing, and contextual advertising.
  • 46% of users focus on social networks in making purchasing decisions.
  • 74% of brand marketers say that it’s enough to invest 6 hours a day on social networks to significantly increase incoming traffic to the site or landing page.


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