How To Maximize Lead Generation With Content Marketing?

How to Generate Leads Through Content Marketing

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Last Updated: November 28, 2019
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Did you know that more than 60% of people are motivated to convert when they read awesome content? This means that having the right content is extremely important. If you are struggling to generate leads through your content, I’m about to show you in this article, how you can maximize lead generation through high-quality content.

Arslan Hassan

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways opted by any business to create brand awareness in the industry and among their relevant audience.

However, there is a serious misconception: "Content is king"

Content is not the king. High-Quality Content is the King and an undisputed one.

CMI and MarketingProfs are two huge names in the industry, and according to a detailed survey conducted by them, it has been shown that more than 63% of businesses have not drawn in a plan to optimize their business via content marketing. This is one of the primary reasons why their company does not yield the online results that they deserve.

Fact Check: Content marketing statistics for lead generation

According to CMI’s digital content marketing statistics, 72% of marketers acknowledge increased engagement with content marketing and the same number says, content marketing has increased the number of leads.

And here is another stunning fact: Mobile devices now account for nearly 70% of digital media time online.

Now, enough of the numbers. Let's talk about how can we achieve these numbers with our content marketing strategies.

1. Target the right audience

Who to target matters a lot. Many companies fail to execute and deliver the results after a content marketing strategy for not targeting the right audience who would consume your content but would not be satisfied. The evaluation for the right audience is important throughout the content marketing journey. Before, during before and after the content marketing strategy is executed.

The aim of your content marketing strategy should be to put your content in front of the audience who have the ability to make decisions and or at least help facilitate at least your own specific business goals for eg product awareness or marketing.

2. Keyword research for user intent

The way the users search these days has dramatically evolved over the last few years. From typical keywords based search, things have moved to a semantic search, a.k.a. intent-based search.

Keyword research had to adapt as well. keyword research is a whole new domain when it comes to SEO. It is more complicated and more time-consuming and more important than ever today for sure. Search engines prefer to operate on the basis of semantic search rather than just a few keywords typed in the search box and matched with a bunch of keywords available in some content

A few years ago if you would need to search for a pizza, You would typically type something on the lines of “pizza in London” or “pizza in Feltham you would typically type something on the lines of Visa in London or Visa in Feltham”. Today, while using voice-activated search device, a user would likely speak: “which is the best pizza near me” or “find me the cheapest pizza place please”.

And Google will not be limited to the known pizza parlors. Search engines are smart enough to deduce information from other, similar kinds of business and unlimited sources of information like feedbacks, structured data, etc and analyze it using it’s smarter than ever algorithms like RankBrain” which utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence.

To stick to the concept of targeting the right people, keyword research plays an important role in the entire process. Correct implementation of keywords in content marketing allows your work to be displayed on the search engines and also visible to the type of people you are looking forward to the target. Many experts generate keywords based on what their target audience might be searching for.

3. Always produce value-added content

With the help of keywords that your target audience is more likely to use in their queries, product research, and other methods, the digital marketing enthusiasts can derive results that will enable them to boost the current ranking of their content.

The keywords and content that is produced must also fulfill the needs of the user. Always provide informative content that meets the requirement of a user as well as compels them to move to other sections of the website hence end up converting for all the right reasons.

One of the major things that put off people from your website is clickbait; avoid click-baiting as it kills your audience like plague kills communities.

This might sound cliché, but generating content that no one is searching for is simply a waste of time and energy. Based on proper analysis and research, write content based on how your competitors are dealing with content as well as what is being searched by the target user.

People look for content that is beneficial for them daily. Providing them with what they want will simply add curiosity to know more about you.

5.Focus on longtail keywords

To make the best of your keywords, it is also essential to have correct tools that allow you to target the people your business connects with.

Google Keyword Planner is undoubtedly one of the most effective means to generate keywords and target the relevant audience without much effort.

Ubersuggets is a very effective and free keyword research tool without any need for membership. Ubersuggest can help you gather insight into the strategies of your competitors and other top-ranking websites that work in your market of interest.

However, there are other tools like that also provide the keywords and competitor analysis based on specific keyword phrases but for a price.

6. Prioritize content quality over quantity

When writing content for a set number of audience, consider the fact that they are looking for added value, therefore, in terms of content marketing and lead generation, it is imperative to focus on the quality of “what” is going on the webpage instead of “how much” is going on there.

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7. Optimize your content even further

Focus on optimized content that allows you to yield better and more positive results instead of some SEO-contrary and low-quality content. Well-written content will enable you to get better ranking on search engines and top position on their result pages as well as a strong client-base for the level of service you are providing them.

8. Provide facts and figures

A content written for your target audience must allow them to evaluate the credibility of what they are reading. Don’t hesitate to add research-based facts and figures in your content and also provide them with a solution to how your organization will be helpful in this regard. Addressing topics that people want a solution for and becoming the solution to that problem will allow your audience to realize your importance in the industry.

9. Engage and converse

Engage with the audience and customers on the comments and queries they leave on your page. This approach will help you identify the needs and demands of the clients. It is essential to build a relationship with your clients instead of simply bombarding them with how good your business is and why you are necessary for their life.

10. Content marketing calendar

Develop a content marketing calendar that will allow you to stay on track and produce content on-time. A content marketing calendar helps you identify the content that is more important to you and your audience. Stick with the topics that your audience would like to read but also stick to the theme of what your company is offering.

11. Evaluate your resources

To generate quality content, it is important to have the experience and the expertise to the subject you are dealing with. To have material that possesses good quality work, it is essential to have the right staff for it.

12. Establish a skilled marketing team

Establish a complete marketing team with your SEO and content writer who have the skills and knowledge necessary to take the content marketing campaign on another level. A content creator must have the capability and the ability to manage all the content on time as well as think of new ideas that can bring a positive influence on the work that you are doing.

13. Conduct research on consumers

Allow your team members to conduct research on the end-users and consider what would catch their interest. This way, you can grab the attention of your relevant audience. Giving your audience what they want can help you get a robust engagement with the clients. Make sure that your research is so on-point that there is no chance of failing to impress the audience.

14. Proofread and edit your content

Content writing is extremely important, but rechecking and proofreading the content is also important on another level. You certainly do not want to provide your audience with content that possesses errors and displays half-hearted effort from your end.

Allow yourself and your team to follow a content editing and proofreading plan that can help you in maintaining the level and quality of your content that a brand requires. Also, well-written and error-free content are more prone to rank higher on the search engines. Several online tools help you evaluate the quality of the content you are creating and also help you in fixing it. While some of these tools have a cost-effective pricing plan, others also come with basic features that are already unlocked for user convenience.

Look for grammar editing tools like Grammarly, Ginger Software, and to optimize the mistakes and writing techniques of your content. Specific tools like Small SEO Tools also help to check the use of keywords as well as plagiarism for free!

So, whether you are looking for pdf to doc conversion tools or something to check the errors in your content, everything is just once clicking away!

15. Host webinars to promote your content

The power of webinars to generate warm leads and a good number of target audiences is undeniable. Webinars play a pivotal role in content marketing and lead generation procedure. They motivate the audience to register and participate in the set number of systems that also involves them giving their details.

16. Gather data

A webinar also allows you to understand the interest of your users and how much time they ended up spending on your videos. From long informative videos to shorter ones, your entire webinar depends upon how you enable your audience to interact with your work. Consider making infographics and videos based on the content that you create on a regular basis. Once your webinar is successful in catching the interest and attention of the users, they will not hesitate to provide you with the contact details and information required for the further marketing process.

17. Gather information through sign-ups

Ask for questions at the sign-up process regarding what the users are looking for. Also, give an insight into what to expect content-wise from the webinar. The research will help you to identify what the participants like and the current demand in common trends. It is essential to add these elements to host the webinar.

18. Use paid promotions

For high-value content that has the capability to derive an audience on your pages can be boosted and promoted to get the results and traffic that you desire. Nowadays, posts can be encouraged and supported to get results for little money. Spend a few and see how it goes before leaping to higher monetary values. Also, with smaller results, the content managers get to monitor the figures and stats that occur as a result of your content.

19. Retarget your content

A paid promotion is not confined to a one-time thing. There can be specific posts and articles that are performing well and can be retargeted to reach an even more comprehensive range of audiences. Allow your social media pages as well as web browsers to promote high-quality content to an even more extensive range of audiences. Having more people coming on your profile will allow you to introduce your business in a way that catches their attention.

20. Find sponsors for your content

Not all websites are recognized, and not all reach the target audience. There are certainly big players in the industry that have a considerable fanbase and are widely accepted. Getting your content on such websites can drive traffic to your pages, which are relevant and have the capacity to generate potential leads, and it also enables people to develop know-how about your brand.

21. Partner with influencers

The biggest problem faced by many new businesses is getting recognition among the online industry. With the help of influencers and recognized entrepreneurs, you can feature your content and get the publicity that your desire.

Despite being active, this does not come in for free. To win the influencers, it is important to offer them a deal or anything that might catch their attention. Specific influencers and popular names in the industry charge different amounts depending upon the quality and the influence that they have on the audience.

22. Utilize all the right platforms

Tag your influencers on the posts to give them the credits and to also appear in their results. This is also an excellent way to catch the attention of the influencer that you are most likely to get in touch with. If the content is worth the care and time, many influencers don’t hesitate to share and even promote it for the benefit of your business.

Many influencers are found using captivating platforms like and These websites comprise of specific categories and various kinds of influencers with whom you can pair to develop your fanbase and audience. Also, while choosing an influencer, it is extremely important that you have a thorough look at where they are based, the type of audience they have, and the impact their content has on the audience.

Question: How effective is content marketing for lead generartion?

Answer: First, It is imperative to consider the effectiveness of the content being displayed to the audience.

Many businesses consider opting for a content marketing approach to generate leads with the reason behind this being the fact that it helps create more than three times points than your average outbound marketing techniques and also costs 62% less than your other marketing methodologies.

However, content writing for a business does not mean writing for a small scale audience. Here you are dealing with the global audience for your business. More than 60% of people are motivated to convert when they read appropriate content.

This means that having the right content is extremely important. Here are a few tips that will help you maximize the lead generating the ability of the business you are writing for:

Free Resource: Top free keyword research tools

  1. Google Trends
  2. Ubersuggest
  3. Keyword Sheeter
  4. Answer the Public
  5. Keyword Surfer
  6. Reddit Keyword Research Tool
  7. Google Search Console
  8. Google analytics
  9. Smallseotools


Content marketing is a fundamental yet cost-effective way of generating leads and reaching the relevant audience. Specific tips and ideas mentioned-above can help companies in developing content that makes a difference in the highly competitive world of content marketing.



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