How To Create Whiteboard Animation Videos | A Perfect Guide

A Perfect Guide To Creating Whiteboard Animation Videos

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Last Updated: February 06, 2020
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Do you wish to keep your audience engaged with your product or service? If yes, then one the perfect solutions is taking the leverage of whiteboard animation videos. Here, I am going to walk you through a perfect guide to creating whiteboard animation videos.

Chehak Wadhwa

A whiteboard animation video is the style of a video that allows you to walk the viewer through exciting stories by showing the illustrator’s hands sketching on the whiteboard.

Now that you are aware that a whiteboard animation video lets you share exciting stories with your target audience, you must know how you can create a compelling video.

Here, I am going to walk you through a perfect guide to creating whiteboard animation videos.

Whiteboard animation video benefits

First things first, out of all the marketing strategies, video marketing is on top.

With video marketing being on top of the list, there are many video styles to choose from.

So why must you go with whiteboard animation videos out of all other available options?

  • Whiteboard animation is eye-catching as it uses the visuals deliberately and distinctly
  • It makes it easy to convey even the most complicated information in the most straightforward manner
  • It helps businesses increase their ROI since people are more likely to make a purchase after watching a compelling video
  • Whiteboard animation videos are mobile-friendly. Since more than half of the videos are viewed on mobile phones, it makes it easy for you to reach a wider audience.

1. Leverage the power of storytelling

Rightly said by Robert McKee, “storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.”
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When creating a video, the story serves as its heart. So, before you get started with inserting the fancy characters, you must focus on the story you want to present to the world.

Use your story as a powerful tool to attract your target audience, and it must be focused on their issues and problems. Always remember that you are using this story to attract people and not sell a product or service. So, never try to make it product/service-oriented.

Instead, relate it to your audience experiences, and it will help you in grabbing their attention in no time.

2. Stick to the classic whiteboard style

There is no denying the fact that technology is continuously evolving, and so is the taste of people around the globe.

However, with everything changing constantly, the reason that the effectiveness of a whiteboard animation video is still the same is its classic style.

The classic style of a whiteboard animation video always has three things:

  • The drawing hand
  • A whiteboard background, and,
  • The continuous black-colored drawing

Of course, you may consider using modern technologies and add whiteboard animation after effects to give an entertaining touch to your video, but make sure that you do not deviate from the classic style.

3. Insert interesting animated characters

Characters keep your story together, and everyone nowadays likes to watch a video with animated characters in it.

Characters play a huge role in creating an interesting video and should always be created in relevance to the target audience.

These will help you in adding a hint of personal touch, enabling your video to connect with your audience quickly.

So, to make your video engaging and memorable, make sure that the characters you insert revolve around the lives of your audience and not you.

4. Write a great script

The script serves as the backbone of a video and is one of the essential steps towards making a useful video. Make sure that you take care of the length of the script while creating one. It should neither be too short nor too long.

So, come up with a script that is both interesting and upto the point.

5. Do not forget to insert the drawing hand

One of the reasons that a whiteboard animation video is considered so useful is the drawing hand. The drawing hand makes the audience feel that they are involved in the video, and it makes it possible for them to attain the second-hand satisfaction.

You can omit the hand, but remember that if your video does not have a drawing hand, it is not a whiteboard animation video.

6. Play with colors

A whiteboard animation video is usually black and white in its traditional form. Well, adding a hint of innovation is never too bad.

The recent whiteboard animation videos contain colorful characters, and it helps in enhancing the effectiveness of the video. Although it is a good idea to play with colors in a whiteboard video, you must consider not adding too much of it.

So, make sure you only add colors to the essential parts throughout the video and also keep a check that the colors you add go well with the characters and the brand.

A hot tip:

If you wish to insert colors in the video, prefer using the brand colors to present your brand in the video.

7. Add emotions to the video

A study suggests that human beings first make their buying decisions based on how they feel and then justify their choices with their logic.

When it comes to a video, it is never about a product or service you offer. Instead, it is how you make your viewers feel, and that inspires them to share the video with others.

So, it would be best if you stay focused on keeping your video emotional according to the nature of your target audience. If you follow the emotion going throughout the video, your audience will be more likely to take the action which you want them to take.

8. Keep your video educational and entertaining

A whiteboard animation video is all about presenting the complicated topic in a simplified manner and then sharing the same with the viewers to educate them quickly. However, the quality of the video is measured by the entertainment factor.

You can make the video engaging by adding exciting characters, quality scripts, attractive background, sound clips, and so on, which will eventually help you in making the viewers stick to your video.

So, consider keeping your video both educational and entertaining to make the viewers understand your message quickly and easily.

9. Add interconnected drawing

The purpose of a whiteboard animation video is to keep the audience interested till the end. So, you have to take care that while you are creating a video, you must keep the drawings interconnected so that the audience keeps wondering what comes next.

Since the audience is focused on how the story is going and how it is being drawn, you have to keep the drawings interconnected to keep the spark of interest alive in your viewers.

10. Keep up with the timeline of the video

One of the most important things to consider while creating a video is that you must keep up with the timeline of your video.

It should neither be too short nor too long. Since a short video might fail to deliver the message you want to convey to your audience, a long video might bore them.

So, make sure you set a perfect timeline for your video that keeps your audience engaged while conveying the message appropriately.

11. Add sound VX and music

The key to making a successful video is emphasizing and improving the accurate pace of specific words. Focus on adding alluring music to your video to make it impactful for your audience.

12. Find a reliable whiteboard animation video expert

Last but not least, if you are new to the world of videos and find it challenging to come up with the best quality video, then you must look out for an expert who can help you with creating an engaging whiteboard animation video.

There are experts out there who can quickly turn your complex idea into an engaging and attractive video.

So, to make sure you attract and allure your target audience, consider seeking help from an explainer video animation expert.

Now that you know how to create an amazing whiteboard animation video let’s have a look at the benefits of using the same.

Final words

Whiteboard animation videos are one of the best tools to make you stand out in the competitive business world. It is an incredibly fantastic way to approach your audience and innovatively tell them what you are trying to sell.

Now that you know the key steps to creating a perfect whiteboard animation video and the benefits of using the same make sure that you do not miss out on taking its advantage and take your business to the next level.

Well, if you are still pondering over using the whiteboard animation videos and are time and again failing to make your audience understand the message you want to convey to them, then it’s high time for you. So, roll your sleeves up and get going.

Also, we appreciate listening to you. If you are a pro in the field, and have some insights to share with our determined community of readers, feel free to share your experience in the comment section below. And if you are a newbie, feel free to post any query.

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