13 Proven Steps to Get More Twitter Followers In 2020

How to Get Twitter Followers: 13 Proven Tips And Tricks

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Last Updated: January 27, 2020
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You may exhaust yourself pushing out content, or reaching out to people, but everything falls flat. So, if you are one of those who are still wondering How to Optimize Your Twitter Account to Get Real Followers? Well, we have a perk for you right here. Engaging more genuine fans, increasing loyal followers, and having a fabulous Twitter presence is still possible, by following these effective tips!

Apoorv Gehlot

Twitter has been serving as an incredible social media platform that is helping businesses to boost their brand advocates as well as in building long-term connections with the target market.

However, the answer to the most frequently asked question, "How to increase the followers count?", is still unclear to most twitter account owners.

But we have shortlisted 13 steps that are tried and tested by industry experts and influencers.

In this guide, you are going to learn exactly how to win this game and get more Twitter followers.

1. Create an Inviting Profile

Start with an inviting profile. A profile that takes you places and strikes a chord with your audience. Go for a profile picture and bio that delivers your brand value and your expertise (that too, with minimal usage of words).

That is how the people of UberFacts have done it right with a mix of humour and information.

Always remember, people at first examine your bio, this particular point would decide whether they will follow you or not.

As it's human nature, that people before following you will have a glance first at your profile and having an inviting profile will take you to the right path.

Also, don't forget to mention your business in your bio, be specific and clear about it. For that, add relevant keywords to your profile; this will help you explain what your business and brand is all about. Craft your sentences in a natural flow.

Fill everything out to make your profile attractive. Add your name, but that shouldn't necessarily be your exact name, but state it in a way that your users can easily find you.

Give your brand a face, as nobody would follow a faceless brand. Try to add a location to your Twitter account and ensure that the profile description provided by you is relevant.

You see, not having an updated, and professional profile can be a major turn-off to prospective followers.

2. Tweet Consistently

It is a widely known fact that Twitter needs more aggressive content planning and strategy.

And no matter which route you choose, you need to make sure you are consistent. Pushing content every hour of the day for a few ones, and then suddenly disappearing from the landscape only to reappear after some days does no good to you.

Because, by the time you are back, your audience might have lost faith in you.

How to overcome this? Simple- Tweet consistently.

Give your readers fresh relevant content and something that not just aligns with your business, but also resonates with your audience.

Have your content calendar prepared in advance.

Keep it a mix of promotional as well as educational content.

Here is a little help from beevolve stating the average number of tweets vs the follower base.

3. Leverage Hashtags Strategically

Think of the relevant hashtags in a way to make your post searchable.

Because many a time it happens that people are looking for specific topics, and if you post your keyword with a hashtag, believe us you're making it easy for them to search.

Hashtags are the kind of labels that helps the users to find whatever they're looking for.

According to a study, post with hashtags receives and attracts more engagement than the post without them.

Hashtags are ideal, especially when your feed has professional content. But these hashtags should be correctly placed. It simply means that including an accurate number of relevant hashtags will undoubtedly help your Twitter fellows.

Use trending hashtags, with this you'll #getmoreTwitterengagement. Further, make use of robust strategies like retweeting other people's posts which will surely help you to increase your followers.

4. Engage with Your Followers

Well, no one would want to interact with a brand that just loves talking without listening out. So, don't be one. Make sure you engage with your followers time-to-time and give them another reason to love you.

Tweet when it is easier for them to discover your content. When they comment, react or reply to them.

Encourage them to share their review of working with your brand, and make sure you appreciate their time.

Even if it is a negative one, don't shy away from lending an ear. Have a sportsman kind of spirit and be open to ask how you can make their experience worthwhile.

Like, tagging them, retweets, replies, thank them with a personal message, share their stuff, as these are some sure-fire way to get on their radar.

5. Utilize Visual Content

Visual content marketing is a sure-fire way to make your impact in the industry. Not only does it help you deliver better content, but also keeps your users hooked.

Utilizing visual content can be beneficial, and you can experience more success with high-quality visual content.

When you have a high number of competitors, appealing content can make you stand out from the crowd.

Here's how our friends at Matellio have made effective use of visuals to deliver information as well as entice the audience.

6. Stay active by creating Twitter routines

When we talk about Twitter, well we would say, it's all about having a casual conversation with the users.

However, tweeting back to back is never a good idea, and your supporters could get tired of that too.

There should be a balance between your tweets, and if your ultimate goal is to attract the audience, then staying active is equally important.

So, what could be done? The best way to get engagement is to create distinct daily, weekly Twitter routines.

Just try to widen and broaden your marketing strategy and include usual stuff, this would lead to a large pay off down the line.

7. Humanize Your Brand

As humans, we connect to, relate to, talk to, and of course, trust human beings. Who would love to speak to a bit, anyway?

That is precisely why some brands fail to win the trust of their buyers, despite pushing exhaustive content.

But hang on. Before you strategize, think of the brands that entice you. Count them and understand that the main idea behind is how they push content that resonates with you. And that's what we mean by humanizing a brand.

Put a face to your brand, drive empathy, promote storytelling, act and react in real-time, encourage brand advocacy and talk to your audience. As simple as that.

8. Tag Other People and Brands

Engage with people by tagging other people and brands.

As to increase the followers on Twitter can be done by talking and using the brand's name, like your Twitter account will automatically start your new tweets with "@" than the other person's username.

An excellent social media Team will appreciate a mention and can throw some good publicity when they would see good content.

Tagging is the initial stage for starting a conversation. Since Twitter is one of those social platforms where the business and the marketers get to be beneficial.

Through tagging, your tweet will popup on your user dashboard, and your follower's account as well.

That way, your business and brand would be more visible.

9. Monitor and respond to niche-specific keywords

Narrow down your niche.

Identify the people with a specific profile. Monitor and respond to niche-specific keywords, as they connect you with the user based on words and phrases they've recently searched or tweeted.

That's the marketing strategy which allows you to reach your audience when they find your business relevant.

This way, you will reach to the followers, who would give importance to your tweets. There are majorly two types of keywords targeting Twitter, search and timeline.

All in all, focus on people who talk about your business, and who are related to your brand.

10. Promote Good Content- Invest Money

Promote the content which you think is compelling, engaging and has a more significant impact.

This way, you can get a higher response by being visible to the people. That helps build value as well. Remember, quality is the key; this way, you can grab the chance to get more followers.

You can even consider promoting your tweet websites and blogs. Ensure you have the best tweet on the top streaming, so when visitors reach your account, they get the best reason to follow you.

Inspire your users about all the exciting topics tweets, chats, discussion.

Keep track of the tweets which are getting more attention, and repeat those popular tweets to let your followers engage with your account.

11. Don't guess about the best time to tweet

Obviously, you can not predict the time when your post would get maximum attention.

You see the most popular time to tweet is the time when there would be the highest number of tweets.

That makes your tweet very, very difficult to stand out in your competitor's timeline.

Try tweeting at the non-peak hours like early morning or late in the evening as well.

All you need to do is manage the time accordingly. The best time and planned tweets can be done whenever your audience is most likely to take interest and get engaged with your content.

But it's worth noting that timing varies depending on your audience and the industry.

12. Use Twitter Analytics to Measure What Your Audience Likes

Merely trying to hit the nail without evening knowing if you are targeting in the right direction is like midnight driving with your headlights off.

Rather than reaching where you are supposed to, there are higher chances of leading to the wrong way.

Make sure you make effective use of Twitter analytics tool that helps you measure your success in real-time.

Twitter analytics helps you track your impressions, results, etc. and not only this, the Twitter Analytics, gives you plenty of information, which enables you to create the tweets that directly resonates with your target users.

Luckily, Twitter has provided you with the audience insights feature, which allows you to keep track of "what your followers are interested in, and what they are buying.

That doesn't just give you insights into how your audience is interacting with your brand but also lets you know the type of content your audience loves.

You can simply tailor your efforts accordingly and yield benefits.

13. Follow and Reach Out

And last but not least, you need to reach out and follow others in your niche.

That would not just give you insights into what your competitors are up to, but help you learn how your audience reacts to a specific category of content.

Analyze where they lack and turn it to your favour by overcoming them in your content. Keep tracking which content they publish is loved by your audience, give it your twist and publish the same.

Final words

Optimized Twitter presence is not a sprint; it is a marathon.

Things don't just seem to end at a specific spot, and by the time they start nearing the end, you are already meeting more revolution.

However, you can still pursue these tips and tricks religiously and expect great results in no time.

Along the way, don't miss measuring your efforts and taking the right approach at the same time accordingly.

If everything falls in place, results will follow, gradually, but eventually.

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