Guest Blogging: An Ultimate Guide (2020)

Guest Post Or Not? Pros & Cons, Tips And All Your Question, Answered

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Last Updated: January 01, 2020
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Why should you, and should you not get involved in the guest posting and sponsored posting. A complete guide for interested bloggers, marketers, and anyone in-between.

Asad Butt

Guest blogging is the best strategy you can apply for online marketing.

Contributing content to other blogs, relevant to your business or niche can incredibly help you spread the message of your brand and gain the confidence of your target audience.

There are many major benefits of guest blogging and industry statistics on how that content marketing has one of the highest ROI in online marketing.

Advantages Of Guest Blogging

To start with, whether you win a link to your web site or not, your presence on different blogs can ignite the interest of your audience. After your post (provided it's of high quality) goes live, expect traffic to begin flowing to your web site, even without a direct link. We often forget that readers can still jump on Google and search your brand if they are interested or curious.

So thing as straightforward and simple as a guest post can doubtlessly translate into traffic in no time.

Build your portfolio

If you are interested in writing and aim for a carrier in the creative and writing industry, like any other industry, you will need a portfolio.

The good news is, you can build your portfolio by writing guest posts. There are relatively no barriers to entry and everyone is at the level field to start with.

There are very high standards set by search engine algorithms though. Most papular blogs understand that and they will vet rigorously, all offers for free guest blogging.

A way around this is joining hands with blogs that have the potential to grow into big and establish their authority in the future. More these blogs grow, more traffic your content gets and gets referenced, establishing your own authority and portfolio over time.

More guest posts mean more recommendation and work that speaks for itself.

Scaling up and writing for different blogs shows that you are versatile, trustworthy and creative.

Win Quality Traffic

One of the biggest advantages of guest blogging is that you get quality traffic to your own website or blog. We all know how expensive is online marketing. Paid traffic, not only lasts until the campaign lifetime, but it's also a very expensive game.

On the other hand, a good piece of content is evergreen. If it is hosted on a papular website. Hosting your content adds value to your content and content ranks higher in Google searches, meaning higher-quality traffic.

Get the very priceless, most valuable, most precious, well adored and beloved, forever cherished by Google Algorithms, the darling, dearest of all, most idolized, most loved, heart favorite, most respected by SEO specialists and communities..... the honorable........ "BACKLINK", for free

Build Industry Connections

It has always been very difficult to communicate with influencers. Nevertheless, the approach is actually straightforward for guest blogging.

Some websites that accept guest posts, like to work with a community of editors, writers, and contributors involved in connected niches. In many cases, you will be able to connect and communicate with experts which will eventually help you raise your game and profile in the medium and long run.

The process is straight forward and got simpler over the years. Jut be active in the relevant communities, provide feedback, share great work. This all effort never goes wasted and all comes back in the form of collaboration requests and exclusive work offers.

Dedicated Author Bio page

All mature and learned creatives and writers understand the importance of Author reputation. More contributions to different websites enforce authority.

When you contribute to Quoracreative, even if it just a single article or even a collaboration, quoracreative will assign a dedicated bio page on our website for you and add all your social and previous work links as well.

Build Authority

More you write for different platforms and blogs, more you develop and maintain authority, both in the eyes of your readers and the algorithms as well.

When more domain trust you, Google algorithms see this as a sign of authority over a subject and value your content over the one with unknown authors.

An author's authority sometimes exceeds the domain's authority.

How about Bill Gates writing on the low-rank website than any Mr "someone", writing on Microsoft Blog?

Practice makes you perfect

More you write, more

  • your writing style improves.
  • creative you become
  • improvement in your content quality
  • productive you become

You move, one level up, every 10000 words. If your average post is 2000 words, you are better and more skilled, after every 5 posts.

Try writing 10 posts and then compare your

  • speed
  • quality
  • quantity
  • creativity
  • and research skills

With your first post you wrote. We bet, you will able to acknowledge the difference your self.

With Every 10 posts you write, you move up the ladder, in terms of content quality, your skills and authority on the subject matter.

Visit Write For Us fo guest posting opportunities with quoracretive.

Guest Blogging: Article Quality

At quoracreative, we eat, drink and sleep Google guidelines. Google is the boss, you like it or not. But it's a good boss, a fair one. If you follow the rules and play by the book, you are safe and sound and will progress.

That is why we are very careful with the quality of the content.

Where everyone believes, content is the king, we disagree. We believe, only "the quality content" is the "KING" and an un-disputed one.

And quality also means longer, in-depth content.

Our experience and reviews by the industry show, longer, in-depth articles fetch more traffic than two or three short ones combined.

Guest Blogging: Long-Form Content

  • It attracts long-tail keywords
  • It bolsters authority
  • Increases time spent on the page, helping improve the bounce rate
  • Positive impact on a page’s rank in the SERPs
  • It resonates with readers.

By authority, we mean, in the eyes of Google algorithms on a particular subject. We know the fact that 90% of keyword traffic goes to only one article. so, write your articles as if you are cooking a meal for your king. AKA Google.

We, very strongly believe that a single, well written and well-done post with great content is always heavier than 20 poorly written posts... Full Stop. So we will talk about quality over quantity, always.

And if we are on the same page, That Longer articles are the best. Please be reminded that we accept a minimum of 2000 words and the article needs to be written in detail. An incomplete article is like a one-course meal.. 3-5 five-course meals are better.. arent they?

Put yourself in a "reader's shoes". If you are spending your valuable time as a reader, you need value. Your readers expect the same. Quality is "the" most import factor when we accept a guest post. Remember these keywords:

  • Unique
  • Original
  • Reader focused.

If your goal is just to win a backlink to some domain by writing an article, we advise you to look somewhere else and save your time.

In other words, it is an honest NO.

And yes, we allow backlinks/do-follow links.

But please be very careful with them. We do not want our blog posts to be classified as "spammy", both by readers or Google algorithms.

You may add a maximum of 2 external links in your posts.

The links need to be relevant to the content and relevant to our blog.

The target webpage or website need not be of higher rank but the quality of the content your link points to is, of course, paramount. We care about our readers. If our blog points them to another piece of content, it must add value to their experience.

We will review all links to measure their relevance, quality and the value they add to the audience's experience and will remove them, if dodgy.. or might not accept your post altogether.

Guest Blogging: Reference work ownership

We fully expect that you reference someone's work and effort if you rely on them in any way. We also expect you to reference any images, quotes, research, and findings.

Guest Blogging: Use of Images:

Images go miles beyond telling a story. Use them always but don't overdo.

Anywhere between 1 - 4 images per post is ideal (including the main post image). Too many images slow downloading of content and hence make google unhappy.

Read our post about How To Optimize For Google Speed Test

Guest Blogging: Self-promote in a balanced way

Self-promotion is and brand awareness is absolutely ok with us. We are more than happy for you to market, explain, and promote yourself, your work, your services or any products, between the lines.

But please make sure your article tone and vibe don't resonate with an advert but sound informative and helpful.

Do not copy.

Please be advised and follow it religiously. Copied content is easily discoverable and we will carry detailed checks using professional-grade tools.

An instant ban awaits in case something smells. We hope you understand so please do not waster your time.

COPYRIGHTS: Quoracreative will automatically become the copyright owner of the content submitted to quoracreative and published by quoracreative in return.

Guest Blogging: Collaboration and contribution

Our in-house team might edit and contribute further to your work. Our search engine optimization team will review and enhance an article further. Do not worry. You would receive full credit for your work and if the contribution by quoracreative is less than 50%, It will be published exclusively under your name.

It will be published as a collaboration between you and quoracreative team if our contribution is more than 50%.

Guest Blogging: Follow templates

Last and the least.... the template.

  • Use headings for all subtopics. We accept the articles to be subdivided into at least 5 headings
  • As we mentioned, a minimum of 2000 words is acceptable.
  • An opening section for the post, also known as Description/introduction section
  • A closing section for the post, also known as "the takeaways" or "conclusion" for readers-

Guest Blogging as a novice

Don't worry if you are new to content marketing and starting for the first time. No problem if you don't have any samples to show us.

We accept novice writers and will help you through the process.

13 Rules For Guest Blogging

  • Rule #1: Minimum 2000 words article.
  • Rule #2: Content is not the king. Quality Content Is...
  • Rule #3: Back your guest post request with previous samples.
  • Rule #4: Carefully select your outgoing links.
  • Rule #5: Your content must be in detailed.
  • Rule #6: Your content must be 100% unique (No republishing).
  • Rule #7: Your content must be 100% original.
  • Rule #8: Provide attribution for all data or statistics cited with a hyperlink.
  • Rule #9: Write about a niche topic where possible.
  • Rule #10: Do not over-promote.
  • Rule #11: Promote yourself, professionally.
  • Rule #12: Must provide an author bio.
  • Rule #13: Must provide a follow link for readers (website/facebook/linkedIn etc).

Interested? Let's talk

Learn more about writing oppurtunities with quoracreative and ways to submit.

Alternatively, email us [email protected] Remember to include "Guest posting" in the subject section.

Earn links that produce results. Create content that wins traffic

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