Image SEO | Why Optimizing Images For Search Engines Is Crucial

Why Image Search Holds More Value Than We Think For SEO

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Last Updated: December 22, 2019
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Images bring life to your content. An in-depth look into why focusing on optimization for images can help with your page and website rankings.

Alma Causey

Are you looking for ways to make sure your business prospers and flourishes? One way you can ensure that you generate more leads is by increasing the traffic on your website through SEO. The site should rank for relevant keywords that your potential customer likes to search often. You must work towards a content marketing strategy that does its job as it is vital to attract the target audience.

In an overwhelming online landscape, people often focus on publishing content that can boost the website’s search engine ranking. However, they often forget to optimize the images on their website. This blunder should be rectified as soon as possible, as the process can easily be implemented.

Unfortunately, people lack awareness about proper image search engine optimization. Images on your website hold more value than just making the page look more appealing. When used correctly, images can be used to drive more traffic on the site.

The scope of the SEO Industry

The SEO industry is understood to be worth more than 80 billion dollars. If it were a country, this industry’s GDP would be higher than about 110 countries. That is a massive amount of money. It is safe to claim that this industry holds a higher value than the expectations of people. The industry is thriving, and the practices are dynamic.

In today’s digital world, surviving without a device or two seems impossible. Did you know that Google handles at least 2 trillion search queries every year, according to That means there are about 63,000 searches every second. A vast number of search results bring the potential customer on a service provider's website. Therefore, each of these queries is an opportunity for businesses.

Any wise business would take the initiative and endeavor to attract even more clients on their website.

The power of visuals

An image can add spice to your content and make it more valuable. A lack thereof could prove detrimental.

Visual content is known to be able to boost engagement by up to 94 percent. Therefore, you should make good use of it. Always think of the visuals on your website as an asset that can capture the audience’s attention.

When crafting your visual strategy, make sure you use high-quality graphics and images that connect with the audience. Having the right sort of stimuli on your website can be advantageous. After all, nobody is interested in a website if it has a dull and shabby look.

Sometimes the addition of an image can boost the overall impact of an entire article. A visual aid can increase recall and increase the emotional connect easily. There are some engaging lessons we can learn from a book called ‘Brand Sense.’ In this book, the marketing guru Martin Lindstrom highlighted how brands use sensory branding to achieve their goals. Even you should curate visual content that creates a link between buyers and sellers. Successful brands are known to appeal to all five senses.

Websites must be visually appealing if they want to be successful in the long-run.

When it comes to content marketing, visual, and ephemeral, content is the hottest trend. Businesses that are not afraid to communicate their authenticity will benefit a lot from their visual strategy.

Always use optimized visuals

Imagine reading endless blocks of text, one after the other. You will eventually feel exhausted by the information overload and hence need a break. Placing images and illustrations between the text can give the eyes a well-deserved break. Additionally, it can also add value to the content by displaying information creatively and concisely. Take the example of infographics that can communicate essential information wonderfully. If your social media content and blog content is full of images, you should work on your image SEO game.

While attractive visuals can be beneficial, they should never be made ineffective and unoptimized. Image SEO refers to practices that make an image more accessible on the internet. These practices include reducing the image size, writing useful captions, appropriately naming the files, and adjusting the alignment.

Ensuring a positive user experience is crucial. Many companies rely on an SEO Agency to handle the technical aspects of a website and make it more user-friendly. This agency ensures everything from the file size to the dimensions, and the metadata are optimized.

The importance of Image SEO

Your website should evolve with time and be by industry standards. Otherwise, the site will not be able to achieve or maintain a high search engine ranking. What is the point of having a website that can’t function as effectively as it should?

The top inbound marketing priority of 61 percent of marketers is focusing on SEO to grow organic traffic on the site. However, image SEO is usually overlooked by most people, even though it can play a significant role in boosting traffic. Therefore, businesses should consider reorienting themselves to correct this lapse.

The average time people spend on mobile devices has been increasing for a few years. Since people spend a considerable time of their lives glued to the screens, content needs to be optimized for mobile. The stakes are very high. A large image that doesn’t load quickly on a site could dissuade a customer from buying anything from the site.

If your website is full of visual content, then there is no doubt that you need to optimize it for the internet. The result will be a website that loads quickly, displays relevant, high-quality images, regardless of whichever device the audience uses. Moreover, the chances of going viral also increase tenfold.

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