7 Simple Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

7 Simple Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

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Last Updated: December 28, 2020
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Every marketer/blogger's golden dream lies in having tons of traffic directed to its site. Following the numbers, 61% of professional marketers struggle to find out what content is relevant to their audiences, and 50% of them are challenged by finding out what is the main purpose of their customers' journey.


While having good levels of traffic should not be the only purpose of your website, it is a matter of concern if you want your site to rank higher within the SERPs. This article will share some insights that will help you increase your website traffic and generate more leads. Let's dive into it!

Cover those topics that have good traffic

As you already know, performing the right SEO strategies will help you in the long term to get solid results. If you rank higher on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), that will enable you to get lots and lots of traffic onto your website. Therefore, to achieve this, you will need to focus your content on topics that have search traffic potential. For this, you will have to do plenty of research. It is recommended that instead of sticking to general topics of our niche, you go for content that will answer your visitor's queries. Stay up to date with your industry's latest happenings as it will help you choose the right topics from time to time.

You can also play around with online communities such as Reddit or Answer the Public and discover what users are talking about. Do not just pop in there and start selling up your content for the sake of it: try to engage with users as much as you can. Participate in their discussions, find interesting points to add to their topics, and prove that you are not only there for pure interest. Think of these forums as a way to increase value and add some new points of view.

Promote your content

Producing the right topics for your audience and waiting until they find them is clearly not enough: you have to be brave enough to share your content across various channels. One of the best ways to attract good traffic is to use a social networking site to reach all types of audiences. The best ones and most popular so far are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Keep it short but original and attractive, and pay special attention to B2B niches. On the other hand, if you are a B2C business, other social tools that are more image-centric such as Instagram and Pinterest, will be ideal for your strategy.

Moreover, LinkedIn is the best social media site to target professionals regardless of their location. Post content regularly here, and you will boost your traffic while making the most of your professional profile. If you are a B2B business, you can attract other businesses by sharing valuable content.

If you are providing answers to the questions a lot of these businesses are asking, you will be able to catch their attention and improve your website's traffic.

Last but not least, when writing content, pay attention to the links that you use onto it. Make sure that you include those links that can pass the right link juice. If the links in your content are diverting your visitors towards more quality content, you will be able to develop a good reputation in the industry.

Keep an eye on referral traffic

Instead of trying to convince other websites to link back to you, you take the initiative and create that content that is worthy of being linked to. The bad news here is that not all editorial links will give you referral traffic, as online users do not tend to go after every link that is in an article.

Moreover, if you submit your content to news aggregators such as Inbound.org or Growth Hackers, it will enable you to sit and wait for the good traffic. These sites have their own link submission system, where you can submit your content and links (without being a spammer) and, if your piece manages to go to the top of the front page, you will get tons of visibility and traffic. Referral traffic is not something that you should neglect as it forms a considerable chunk of your overall traffic.

Create contests and giveaways

This is one of the most attractive ways to pour traffic to your website. Produce contests and giveaways on a regular basis, and you will get a quick boost to your traffic while you attract new followers. For example, influencers and bloggers use these strategies to treat their followers, which instantly traduces into new followers and business opportunities.

You can run giveaway contests on your social media pages and can ask your user to participate in it by offering them an incentive. You can ask them to complete a task on your website to become part of the competition and that way you will be able to improve your traffic.

However, it is highly recommended that you get creative with these giveaway contests. You do not just want meaningless traffic on your website. Do it in a way that will leave an impact on every visitor that clicks on your website to take part in the giveaway contest. Give it a try; it is worth it!

Guest post opportunities

Another great way of increasing your website traffic is guest blogging. It is a top strategy that enables you to write for other blogs. By following this method, the Webmaster will link back to your website, which will get the following:

  • More referral traffic
  • New backlinks
  • Help you increase brand awareness and visibility

Keep an eye on getting guest post opportunities that you have gained organically by sending outreach emails. Guest posting can do wonders for your business, so instead of treating it as an option, you should make it a part of your marketing campaigns.

If you want to gain quality traffic on your website while simultaneously improving your brand's image, guest posting is the way to go. If your in-house team cannot find time to focus on guest posting, you can always outsource these services to a Guest blogging agency.

Internal Linking

To improve your website's traffic, you don't necessarily have to get links from another website. You can also improve the traffic of your website by simply connecting your website pages with each other via internal link building.

Linking your pages internally is a great practice for your SEO, and it can have a significant impact on your Google SERP rankings. However, lining your pages is not just a matter of SEO; it is also a matter of providing a better user experience to your visitors. By adding internal links, you are making it easier for your user to navigate your website, which can help you retain more visitors.

Get Creative with Headlines

One of the simplest and the trickiest ways of improving your website traffic is to get creative with your headlines and topics. The user is more likely to click on your website's link if you have written something interesting in the headline.

The goal here is to spark the curiosity of the reader. If you are writing simple and plain headlines, then even if the visitor is interested in that topic, they are less likely to click on it.

Earn links that produce results. Create content that wins traffic

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