Going Global – 5 Steps For A Successful International Influencer Campaign

5 Proven Steps For A Successful International Influencer Marketing Campaign

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Last Updated: February 06, 2020
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In the age of fierce competition for the attention, how can we reach our target audience when most simply don’t trust advertising? Well, developing a sound influencer marketing strategy that best fits our brand can be the answer. In this blog post, I will show you how to develop a great, international influencer marketing strategy in 5 proven steps.

Ed East

Influencer marketing is fast becoming one of the most powerful tools for brands across the globe. A 2019 survey conducted by The Influencer Marketing Hub found that businesses were making $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing.

That’s a phenomenal ROI compared with other marketing channels.

With such results, it is easy to see why an increasing number of brands are turning to influencer marketing to drive growth.

What Exactly is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing leverages social media stars and their large followings to increase product or service sales. A business will usually approach an influencer to promote their brand in return for a fee but in some cases, other benefits could be involved.

The package will primarily be based upon the influencer’s active engagement and potential reach. The terms of agreements can vary drastically – from one-off posts to long-term contracts that come with specific clauses such as not representing any competitors during the course of the collaboration.

Why is Influencer Marketing on the Rise?

More and more consumers have started to tune out traditional forms of advertising. Today, 63% of consumers trust influencer messages more than brand messages, which is why a growing number of businesses are cashing in.

To really consolidate the power of influencer marketing, however, taking it international is a great next step. In 2019, the global market size for Instagram influencers alone was $1.7 billion (approximately £1.3 billion).

If your brand is looking to capitalise on this potential, follow the 5 steps below to deliver a successful international influencer campaign.

Actional Tips

1. Outline your Campaign Goals

Every successful international influencer campaign starts with a clear plan of action. First, identify your target audience. This will include age, gender, and general interests. If you’re a cosmetics company selling makeup, you need to focus on an audience that will most likely use your products – women aged 25-30, for example.

Thereafter you need to gauge which territories have the most potential. Conduct research on your target market in several countries. Find the locations that will give you the best ROI (this will not purely be based on the overall market size of each territory).

You should also look for any distinct differences between countries. For example, is your target demographic slightly older in one country compared with another?

You also need a clearly defined budget. How much money is at your disposal? Is there any room for adjustments? Seasoned influencers will try to negotiate better fees so you must account for that beforehand. Once you have your budget, set the key performance indicators (KPIs).

This will allow you to measure the success of your campaign in line with your goals.

KPIs are also useful decision-making tools. If something isn’t quite going to plan, you can alter your strategy accordingly.

2. Choose the Right Influencers

Once your goals are set, you need to select the most suitable international influencers for your campaign. You’re looking to collaborate with people who align with your brand image and values here. This sentiment goes both ways, as most influencers will want to maintain authenticity with their niche audiences.

Do your due diligence first, before settling on any specific influencer. Really dig into their social media profiles to determine whether they fit your requirements.

Be sure to look beyond vanity metrics such as likes, which are a poor indicator of the effectiveness of campaigns.

Instead, focus on their audience, levels of engagement and reputation.

Follower counts, while useful at times are not always a reliable metric either. Micro-influencers, for example, have much smaller followings but can be just as effective and more affordable than some of the bigger social media stars.

This is not to mention the increasingly common practice of purchasing followers to boost influencer appeal.

If you can partner with influencers who already use your products or services – even more power to you. Your relationship will be much more organic, which will serve you well in the long-term.

Build Relationships with Influencers

Building meaningful relationships is your main challenge when conducting an international influencer campaign – particularly if you’re unfamiliar with foreign demographics. Collaborate with someone who knows the lay of the land to ensure you’re not hampered by common avoidable pitfalls.

The focus should be on building long-term relationships as opposed to one-off transactions. Paying for a post here and there won’t regularly deliver notable results.

Rather, put together a plan that outlines how you will build a relationship with your influencers. Perhaps it starts by inviting them to a company event to help build a rapport?

The rationale being that it enables you to make a close-up assessment on whether they’re the right fit for your campaign and corporate objectives. It could also give you a glimpse into the international exposure you can expect to receive from their respective audiences as well.

3. Choose the Best Social Media Platforms

After choosing the influencers that align with your values and goals, you need to figure out where you can best utilise them. They may be popular on Instagram but only have a small YouTube following and vice versa. You will have more freedom with macro-influencers, as their followers are more likely to be evenly distributed across multiple platforms.

Each platform has a different demographic and therefore cannot be treated the same. Twitter and Instagram have younger audiences compared with Facebook, for example.

TikTok is a newer platform that has been used as part of successful international influencer campaigns to target a Gen Z audience. The 2019 Gymshark TikTok campaign is a perfect example.

You could develop the best campaign but it won’t deliver optimal results if launched on the wrong platform.

Additionally, different territories should be analysed in a vacuum, as certain characteristics may not carry over between them. It is therefore essential to factor in all of these important points before deciding which social platforms to focus your international influencer campaign on.

4. Get Your Influencers Involved in the Creative Process

Your influencers’ posts should offer authentic value to their followers. This is predicated on one of the reasons why influencer marketing is so effective – consumers prefer not to be sold to.

As such, don’t give your influencers scripts that read like sales pitches – people can spot this from a mile away. That being said, see to it that your influencer partners disclose all sponsored or paid posts in order to comply with advertising regulations that are being monitored a lot more closely of late.

Part of the reason for working with influencers is to tap into the large following they have built based on their personalities.

Remember to use this to your advantage. For one, they probably know their audiences’ likes and dislikes more than you do, especially if they’re based in foreign countries.

As a result, you should encourage them to contribute ideas and give your campaign some creative direction.

Give them some flexibility (to a certain extent) to try different things. Variety will keep your campaign fresh and exciting. If they publish anything that's well-received, there is every opportunity that it can be rolled out on a larger scale elsewhere.

5. Track your Campaign’s Results and Make the Necessary Adjustments

The beauty of social media is that you can easily track how well your campaign is performing in real-time. Most social media platforms provide detailed analytics that enable you to track audience engagement.

It’s important that you remember not to fall into the trap of paying too much attention to vanity metrics again here.

You can also analyse the results of your international influencer marketing campaign using tools like Google analytics. Gaining insight into the number of website visitors that came directly from your influencers’ social networks is a far better indicator of your campaign’s success than likes, for example.

Additionally, you’ll be able to assess the performance of your campaign in different territories based on where your web traffic is originating. Campaign monitoring through analytics tools enables you to take immediate action where necessary.

Refer to the KPIs in your original campaign goals and evaluate whether you’re on track to meet them. If you’re way off target, you can implement changes and refocus your efforts on the elements that are delivering the best results.


A successful international influencer campaign could be the key that takes your brand’s success global.

In order to achieve the best results, you must first have a clear outline of your campaign objectives. This will require a lot of research to determine your target audience, budget, and KPIs.

Once your campaign goals are set, you must select influencers who closely align with your brand’s core values.

Work on building authentic relationships with your influencers and involve them in the creative process as much as possible. Their knowledge of the market and audience will help you deliver messaging that resonates and converts.

When you launch your campaigns, monitor the performance closely.

Use the excellent range of analytics tools at your disposal to gather intelligence and make adjustments where needed.

By doing so you can take your international influencer campaigns to the next level and maximise your brand’s visibility.

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