Instagram Growth And Engagement Tips For Social Media Marketers

How to Grow And Engage Your Following For Better Instagram Marketing

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Last Updated: December 22, 2019
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Instagram is the fastest-growing social media network for brand building and marketing. It has become an integral part of our lives. A marketer not utilizing Instagram must have a solid reason for that.

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When it comes to social media marketing more and more marketers rely on Instagram. This is because this is an important platform that uses pictures and videos only. This helps them to create a better impact and impression on the viewers. When images are used in social media marketing, your business will be able to use this popular photo-sharing site in the best possible way.

Now, before you explore the ways in which you can use Instagram in the best possible way for social media marketing, it is important to know what is the specific reason behind all the marketers using this specific platform for their marketing purpose.

It is seen that in the last few years, the use of Instagram by different businesses have increased by a significant margin. This is primarily due to the fact that Instagram is probably the only social media platform that has nearly a billion active monthly users.

Therefore, this platform provides them with the best opportunity to showcase their brand irrespective of its kind. It also helps the brands to get their messages across quickly with the photos of their products. This enables them to reach out to more and more audiences.

Gain more marketing value

Just as Instagram gained more marketing value over time since it started almost a decade back as only a platform in which people can post pictures, your business will also gain a lot of value in the market and trust among your users only if you can use it in the best possible ways.

Moreover, in the last few years, Instagram has also proven to be the most effective platform for marketers/ Professionals like Gramista and others use this platform to reach a new demographic far too easily. This is because Instagram allows the brands to market their product just as the wish and preference of the users. Ideally, users prefer:

  • Visuals over texts
  • Short messages instead of pages of texts to read and
  • Brands that are not pushing to make a sale.

Therefore, if you can meet with their needs and choices, you will surely be able to make the best use of this popular yet underutilized visual platform for your social media marketing strategy.

Use Instagram profiles

One of the most significant ways in which you can make the Instagram platform in the best possible way is by using Instagram Profiles. This will make the path for achieving your marketing goals far too smooth.

When you use Instagram Profiles it will help you to reach to a wider audience. This is the feature that has been long-awaited by the users. Though Instagram is now available on both Android and iPhone devices, users still want to have easy access to the web using this platform. Now they can have a web presence apart from the mobile app.

Ideally, after the launch of Instagram profiles in November 2012 it has given the social media marketers a greater opportunity to market their product on other devices apart from the mobile phones.

  • The Instagram pictures help the business marketers to create a better and more appealing collage of their product.
  • It also helps them to give their audience a better insight into their company and product.
  • They can also promote their business and product in a much better way by including pictures of services provided to the employees, people behind the scene as well as the conferences and meetings.

This will make things more interesting and eventually raise the interest and engagement of the Instagram users who may visit your site to know more about you and your product.

Maintain a healthy balance

When you use Instagram for your social marketing efforts, you must also make sure that you make the best use of the real estate of the Instagram web page. This will help you to tell a better story about you, your business and about your product to the users using the best images available.

  • However, it will only provide the best and most desired results if you maintain a healthy balance of the fun images and the business pictures.
  • It is also required to make sure that you use the Instagram profile in the best possible way so that it becomes easy for you to show and for everyone else to see your story.

For this, you may want to add pictures in your content with CTR or Calls to Action so that people can reach to your website more easily. You may use pictures of your employees working on your product, a user using your product or any other that will give the viewers a lot of information about your company, your product as well as what other people do and think about your company and product.

All it requires is to think more strategically about the look of your Instagram account and placing the pictures on the right sequence and spots on the page.

Contests for engagement

You can also create contests to ensure that there is a significant rise in the level of engagement. Instagram happens to be the best social media platform to hold a photo contest because these are easiest to do on Instagram.

  • You can ask the users, easily, to use a certain hashtag for the contest by tagging their own pictures. You can provide different types of rewards for the winner but make sure it is good and valuable enough for the users to get engaged and involved in the first place.-
  • When you use pictures, it is easy to search the right people and ask them to present their views and even vote for their favorite pictures. You can pick a winner easily and give a reward as well.

There are several instances wherein several businesses have gained a lot of traffic towards their website by holding such photo contest and polls. If you want to enlist your name amongst these successful businesses, make the best use of this platform in these proven ways.

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