Instagram Hacks: Ticks and Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

Instragram Hacks 2020: Tips, & Features Everyone Should Know About

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Last Updated: February 20, 2020
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Instagram Rocks! The most favorite social network. How to make most of it? In this article we will tell you the most tried and tested expert instagram hacks, tips and tricks. We will cover them all. Instagram hacks for photo and video sharing, Instagram Story hacks, Instagram bio and profile hacks, Instagram hashtag hacks and direct messaging hacks.

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Right from clearing your search history to looking for the new posts there are a few specific techniques that you must follow in order to make Instagram work for you in the best possible way. Here are expert tips that will help you to achieve the results just as you want from your Instagram and your social media marketing mix.

Start with clearing your Instagram search history

It is a common human behavior that urges the desire to clear online search history almost everywhere and Instagram too offers you with that option, luckily.

If you want to clear the Instagram search history you will have to:

  • Go to your own profile
  • Click on the "Options" button
  • Scroll down
  • Click on "Clear Search History" and finally
  • Click on "Yes, I'm sure" when prompted.

This will make your Instagram account work better in the future.

Block posts and Stories from specific accounts without unfollow

Mute annoying users without the risk of offending them with an unfollow.

You can either:

  • Tap on the corner icon of a post and click mute.
  • Choose from mute posts or mute posts and stories.


  • Mute posts and Stories by pressing and holding on a Story in your tray.

Make use of filters in Instagram

Instagram comes with a lot of filters and all of these may not be of your use at once. You must hide those that are not in use or you do not use often. It is highly probable that you will have a few favorite filters of yours e

specially if you use Instagram a lot and there will be many that you seldom use.

If you want to make photo editing an easy feature you can easily reorder the filters that you use often in the editing window, and as for those that you do not use at all, you can hide them.

If you want to hide or recorder filters you will need to:

  • Add a new post
  • Begin editing it
  • Get to the filters page
  • Scroll to the very far right of the filter options and
  • Click on "Manage."

When you wish to reorder the filters, you will have to hold your finger down on the three grey lines located at the far right of the filter that you want to move. You will then have to drag the filter to reorder. In order to hide the filters, you will have to deselect the checkmark that is located to the right.

Use Instagram as photo editor

You can also use Instagram as a photo editor and for that, you do not have to post anything. If you love the filters and editing capabilities of Instagram but you are not yet ready to post any photo to your Instagram account right now or ever, all you need to do is publish a picture when your phone is on airplane mode.

  • First, make sure that the "Save Original Photo" option is turned on in your Instagram settings.
  • Then, turn on the airplane mode and follow the instructions as it comes up.
  • Next, you should follow the standard steps to post a photo on Instagram.

When you upload the photo after editing it and press "Share," there will be an error message appearing that will indicate that the uploading process has failed. However, you will be able to find the image that you have edited saved in the photo gallery of your phone.

Insert line breaks in Bio

Your profile bio and captions are the two most important things that attract new and existing users to your site. You will, therefore, need to make it as appealing and meaningful as possible. The best way to go about is to add line breaks in your captions and bio.

When you write your caption on Instagram, you will see that your keyboard does not provide any option such as "Enter" or "Return." This will also happen when you write your profile bio. At this point, you may wonder how on earth did those people insert line breaks in their bio and captions.

Well, you do not need to fret or pay for Instagram views to find out the secret if you read on.

  • All you have to do to insert a line break is press the "123" key in the bottom left-hand corner of the keyboard.
  • When you do so the "Return" key will appear on the right side of the bottom.

This tip may sound extremely simple and easy but it is very easy to miss it. There are also a few elaborate solutions available for dealing with this issue that includes:

  • Writing the caption copy in a different app.
  • Copying and pasting it on Instagram and others.

However, using the 123 option is much easier than all those, thankfully.

Hide Instagram photos you are tagged in

There may be a few photos in which you may have been tagged in. If you hide these photos it will enhance the performance of your Instagram account as well. If you do not opt to add tagged photos manually, these photos and videos on Instagram which someone else has tagged you in, will be automatically added to your profile on Instagram under "Photos of You" head.

If you want to see these posts, you must:

  • Go to your own profile
  • Click the person icon below the bio
  • Then hide the posts from other users in which you have been tagged in

You can do this by clicking on the three dots located at the top right-hand side of your screen and click on "Hide Photos" at the bottom of your screen when it prompts, "Hide From Profile," tap on it to finish.

However, this will not remove the posts all by itself from Instagram but it will only remove these from your profile so that you or others cannot access these photos.

Adjust your settings

Lastly, you should focus on the settings to make Instagram work better. Just like your phone works better with proper settings, your Instagram account will also work much better if you make some adjustments in it.

  • When you have this will also help you to approve tagged photos prior to it showing up in your profile. -
  • If you change your Instagram settings you will actually enable manual selection of the photos in which you are tagged in.

However, you will still receive notifications when someone tags you in a photo. All these steps will ensure a better performance for your Instagram account.

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