How to Get More Visitors to Visit Your Malaysian Website

How to Get More Visitors to Visit Your Malaysian Website

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Last Updated: December 18, 2020
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When it comes to increasing your website audience, there are many aspects that need to be considered. Being detail-oriented is especially oriented if you are looking for website traffic that is outside of western regions due to the fact that most of your average searches are done from such regions, hence making it harder for websites from other countries to stand out from such a competitive, over saturated crowd.


That being said though, being from a country that’s not typically associated with advanced website enhancement techniques like Malaysia does come with its advantages.

The sole fact that you are trying to increase the number of visitors in a, let’s say, pretty isolated bubble brings you the possibility to tweak the aspects of your marketing strategy in such a manner that is not typically associated with the majority of websites in your area.

Hence, it’s crucial that you work around the clock in order to maintain that advantage in order to be able to reach a vast amount of audience before your competitors do so as well.

All of that being said - if you are from Malaysia and are looking for ways in which you can attract an audience to your website, look no further. Here, we are going to tell you just about everything that you need to know in order to do so.

Understanding the Importance of Relevant Topics

The first step to getting more visitors to your website is doing your research in order to tie your area of services or products to the most relevant topics in your area. The thing is, even though internet searches tend to vary greatly from area to area, there definitely are some topics of interest that are outweighing the others - and this is your loophole to success.

Now, in order for you to be able to utilize these topics, it’s important that you know where to start from, and how to incorporate the important keywords into your website.

Utilize Your Location

Most people tend to think that only the most famous, prominent locations are the ones that gain the major amount of internet traffic. While this, if viewed from a certain angle, can be true, by considering other variables, you will easily be able to see that it’s not that simple.

Densely populated areas aren’t that easy for businesses

While major locations like New York, Paris, London, and similar sure are trending locations at all times, they also tend to have an insane amount of competing websites, businesses, and service providers. Not to mention the fact that irrelevant people (the ones that aren’t actually going to opt for services from such countries) tend to visit these websites solely due to the fact that they are recommended to them via different channels. This, ultimately, results in a vast number of visits, but a small number of relevant ones compared to the expected numbers.

Areas that have less internet traffic are extremely useful for businesses

Having all of what we’ve said in the previous text in mind, you should be getting the idea of the fact that if you are doing all the necessary things in order to have your website in top shape, the traffic in your area is going to be oriented towards your website. And that’s exactly what you should thrive for!

Malaysia isn’t a small country by no means, but if you possess a compelling website with all the right assets - the probability is high that you are going to attract your locals more than any other website from your area that isn’t paying attention to details as much as you are. In fact, it might even be easier for you to do so than for folks in major cities due to lower competition.

Your Competition Is Your Greatest Source of Info

Now that we’re all caught up in the logistics, let’s talk about more concrete aspects that you should think about.

Your area of expertise is the one that requires the largest amount of focus. No matter what your business is focused on - be sure to take time to understand your competition for this is the vital aspect of assessing your marketing strategy. What are their marketing strategies? How are they assessing their businesses?

All of these are the questions that you need to take time to research in order to understand in which ways you are able to better your own website in such a manner so that you can attract those that aren’t interested in your competitors, or even to sway those that are.

Always strive for improvement and innovation, for those are the driving forces in the market of today.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the vital aspect of every marketing strategy out there - no matter what your location is. Working on SEO is the key variable when it comes to getting more visitors to your website, purely due to the fact that this strategy is based on the algorithms that Google is using in order to assess where your website is going to appear on the search pages when your potential visitors enters a keyword that’s relevant to your website.

There are two main ways for improving your SEO rankings that you should work on - on-site and off-site, and in order for you to learn more, we have comprised the most important aspects on which you need to focus on.

On-site SEO

On-site SEO is based on, well, pretty much anything on your end regarding the platforms you are using in order to promote your business and make it as compelling for Google algorithms as possible.

As experts on the topic explain, there are plenty of differences to do so, and many websites are only a few tweaks away from gaining better SEO rankings without even knowin g it.

That being said, if you are reading this text and following all the tips given, the probability is high that you are going to be a part of those website owners that know exactly what they need to do.

Make your website relevant

Considering the fact that your website should be mirroring exactly what you are providing, there is no room for making your visitors question what is it that your website is all about. Make sure that your website states your business inquiries clearly - what is it that you are focusing on, why, how, as well as why can you do it better than others.

The best way to do so is by providing additional information that is going to make your visitors understand your agenda better. So - be sure to provide additional articles regarding your area of expertise, as well as any form of content that is going to be the backbone to your credibility and knowledge in the area. This means pictures, thorough descriptions, explanations on subjects relevant to your field, and similar.

Keywords are a major aspect as well, but, more on that in a bit.


A relevant website doesn’t have to be intrinsically clear, ensuring that it is clear is something that is on you to take care of, but, how? Well, it all boils down to a user-friendly interface that is going to ensure that no visitor gets lost in translation. Make your website easy for navigation, organize your content in well-defined sections, ensure that every valuable piece of information is easy to find. All of these are the crucial factors that are going to determine whether or not someone is going to stick around your website in order to find out what they are looking for or not.

Off-site SEO

This form of SEO rankings boosting is a bit more complicated due to the fact that it doesn’t depend on you for the largest part. Basically, by doing off-site SEO, you are ensuring that you are leaving tracks leading to your website that are quite easy to track down. How can you do that? Let’s find out.

Targeting Audience

The first step of doing off-site SEO is taking the time to understand what your target audience is, as well as all the variables associated with it. This means analyzing your demographics in order to know what percentage of people from different backgrounds, regarding many parameters, are the most probable to reach your website. This is, by no means, an easy task, but it’s vital in order for you to be able to plan your next steps.


We have already mentioned keywords, but without mentioning them more than once in this article is quite irresponsible, to say the least. Keywords are, well, the key to a profoundly visited website for they are the most important variable that Google uses for determining whether you are going to land on the first page when someone looks up something relevant to your business.

Keywords are, basically, the words that are the most recurring ones on your website, the ones that are as closely tied to what you do, and the easiest shortcut to the core of the focal point of your business. So, do your keyword research carefully - and make sure that you back them up with supporting keywords in order to achieve the best result.

Encourage Your Customers to Leave Reviews

Reviews from people satisfied with your work are the most credible way in which other potential customers are able to assess whether they should opt for your business or not. So, make sure to utilize online reviews as much as possible by engaging your satisfied customers to leave reviews regarding your business.

In the end, it all comes down to being vigilant and making sure that all the details are as tweaked as they possibly could be. The road to a good website is one of trial and error, but doing your research and making sure that you are covering every possible parameter that’s on you to cover is the key to success.

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