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What is Managed Hosting For WordPress And How Can It Be Helpful to Level Up Your Business

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Last Updated: February 11, 2020
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Are you juggling a lot in your business chaos? You probably are. It is understandable that you have to take into consideration social media, marketing, content creation, advertising, and many more to thrive. In this article, we will make you aware of how managed WordPress hosting will be beneficial for your business.

Marie Thomas

Are you juggling a lot in your business chaos?

You probably are !!

It is understandable that you have to take into consideration social media, marketing, content creation, advertising, and many more to thrive.

Managing all is quite a stressful job. Also, it does not assure you success.

Acknowledge that for a successful entrepreneur, customer service, marketing, and product development are not the ones required. There is a critical need for the powerful foundation that scale and run your business smoothly. And it is nothing but a dominant hosting provider.

Accounting the managed WordPress hosting is the go-to-option to manage your WordPress website and infrastructure; besides you can also hire WordPress developer.

Investing your time and effort in WordPress hosting will save your money and assures that the website will remain secure, easily accessible, and fast.

So, if you have an urge to make your website with unmatchable security, faster performance than choosing the managed WordPress host is the best option. Here, in this article, we will make you aware of how managed WordPress hosting will be beneficial for your business. We will be covering the below points in this post.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting is a solution to web hosting that is explicitly optimized to support the WordPress websites and their potential customers. Precisely, we can define it as the team that amalgamates the hosting professionals.

It operates your website and eliminates the burden and cost of managing the website hosting in-house. The hosting is taken as a distinct option from others because of the exceptional needs of WordPress.

It has various server resource steps, security concerns as compared to other websites.

Managed WordPress Hosting can be defined comprehensively with the below critical elements:

  • Automatic WordPress plugin, theme and core updates
  • Managed WordPress security
  • WordPress experts to handle support
  • Managed server resources to match the WordPress technical requirements

It is a perfect option for those who (Freelancers, Creative agencies, eCommerce businesses) like to establish their business with WordPress. Or, for those who require a secure hosting partner and want to use their valuable time on more productive things.

The price of the Managed WordPress hosting may vary with the plans. Its basic plan starts from $25, and it goes up to $2000 per month.

The main reason for investing in WordPress hosting is that it gives the actual cost behind any service. Choosing an experienced host will give your website the chance to improve the bottom line and not to mention- the performance.

There are several measures that need to be followed while choosing the best Managed WordPress Hosting.

Standards To Choose Managed WordPress Hosting Services

How Managed WordPress Hosting is Helpful?

1. Technical Support

In case of any query, we prefer to take assistance from the customer support or start a live chat to get an immediate solution.

There is a possibility that the VPS and shared hosts can provide the economic services comparative to the WordPress hosting. But, these take a lot when some security breaches occur, and the support team invests a lot of time to investigate. Also, it takes a lot of spending as well.

But, the experienced WordPress professionals know how to use technology to solve the issues. This arm you with the support by means of live chat, tickets, any social media channel, and from the slack channel.

Ask the experts something related to level-one phone operators reading a script. The hosting companies may authorize you the non-experienced operators for a cost-saving characteristic. So, the best thing here is to talk directly to the genuine experts for managing the website and for solving the issues instantly.

2. Highly-Functional Features

As it is known that the secure and fast servers are crucial to accelerating your website performance. The best part of Managed WordPress Hosting is that it does a lot of work for your business, such as collaboration features, workflow tools, etc. It is more than the service provider, and the leading one is considered as the business partner.

Usually, the managed WordPress host has the below features for your assistance:

  • Cooperate on websites with your clients, team or with one-time investors.
  • Design site templates of plugins and themes.
  • Mail demo websites for reviewing before going live.
  • Send the hosting bill to the clients.

In case of any special feature, the managed WordPress hosting can change. However, getting the one for supporting the typical workflow can make a massive impact.

3. High Uptime and Availability

Any downtime on your website results in lost productivity and sales. In addition, it can affect your brand reputation and website visibility. The general web hosts provide 99% uptime. But, it does not imply that it will give you exactly 99%.

When it is about the Managed WordPress hosting, an excellent level of availability and uptime is assured even when there is any power or weather outrage, unprofessional experts, or any hardware failure.

The best WordPress hosting finds out the issue and rectifies them before the downtime. In case of any Plugin update, automatic rollback is done. Also, with the hosting, a framework is provided that divides the workload in two or more servers into varied zones. This strategy diminishes the uncertainty of any outrage in the unforeseen outages, traffic spikes, or maintenance events.

4. Premium Domain Name System (DNS)

DNS is the directory of the internet. When we enter any domain in the web browser, then the browser considers DNS to change the domain to the IP address. It accounts for the browser from where to get the coveted webpage.

When the business person also invests in the website, then letting the domain name to be offline is not going to work. So, it is required to spend only on the premium DNS provider. Though, the conventional VPS or shared hosting packages, and, the Managed WordPress hosting does not provide premium DNS.

5. SSL Certificates

You must have noticed the small green padlock system in the browser close to the URL. Or the warning "connection is not secure" in the Google chrome display. It showcases whether your website has an SSL certificate installed or not. With Managed WordPress hosting, it has become so easy to integrate the one to your WordPress website.

Previously, the method used for installing the SSL certificate integrates a lot of communication among the certificate provider and the hosting provider. A managed WordPress hosting hardly takes some minutes to install the SSL certificates (majorly because of the partnership with Let’s Encrypt.

This hosting provider has a major role to play in making installing an easy step; it also makes access to other browsers an effortless task. As it is considered as an online best system, so, most of the Managed WordPress hosting starts offering free SSL certificates.

6. Developer-Friendly Tools

Using the server environment is possible with Managed WordPress Hosting provider. It offers developer-friendly tools that are easy to get from the shared hosting plans. The hosting provides the tools, such as staging, WP-CLI, SSH, GIT with the basics like access or error logs, database access and SFTP etc.

Besides, it also gives support on customer PHP extensions such as system crontab access, New Relic, etc.

You can also see its integration with the WordPress REST API. In our opinion, the partner API is helpful for those who want to combine the host to their workflows to spin the new WordPress website in the hosting account. The capacity to copy the live WordPress website to test the made changes is advantageous as it lets you push the update after the production website from the workflows.

Concluding Remarks

To summarize, the Managed WordPress hosting provides an excellent solution to use the WordPress website to the best. If you want to secure the high traffic of your WordPress website, then choosing the Managed WordPress provider is worth it.

WordPress consists of unparalleled security concerns, resource demands, and the support need, which simply a Managed hosting provider expert in WordPress can provide.

We have mentioned how the Managed Hosting provider can level up your website. Except for the above mentioned, there are other benefits that it offers:

  • Automatic Backups
  • One-Click Staging Environments
  • Scalability
  • Fast page loading speed, etc.

So, is Managed WordPress Hosting is right to invest in?

Do share your views with us.

Let us know about your queries or suggestions in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!

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