How to Get More People Connected With Rehabilitation Services

How to Get More People Connected With Rehabilitation Services

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Last Updated: October 25, 2020
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Getting people to go to rehab is not the simplest thing to do, especially that individuals who need this kind of help need to admit themselves. Unfortunately, people don’t go to these centers willingly, and when they finally do, it’d be after a lot of persuasive conversations that may have guided them to see why they need professional help. This puts a lot of stress and responsibility on this individual’s friends and family since these conversations are of a more sensitive nature, and it could easily backfire, depending on the patient’s emotional and mental state. It also puts the patient at risk because they might never go to that rehab center and suffer in silence instead of receiving the help that they need.

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This is why rehabilitation centers need to find a way to connect with people so that the idea of rehab can be less threatening and more of a helping hand. There are several ways in which these centers can connect with others, if you’re interested in this subject or you’re someone who needs to know more information about this, then this article might be the perfect read for you.


This term is often associated with 24/7 call service and toll-free lines, but the truth is that there is so much more to be available for those reaching out. While to those unaffected, getting connected is as simple as pressing a button, for those affected it is an insurmountable hurdle fueled by many fears and compulsions. For a rehab center, this means that the staff members managing phones and reception desks should not only be physically available but also mentally and emotionally available.

Being a rehab center, you are serving a client base that is quite vulnerable and highly sensitive. Providing a safe space at every opportunity, and being known for providing such a safe space can encourage even the most reluctant of people to make contact be it through phone calls or physical visits. But availability doesn’t end with calls and physical presence. Nowadays, social media is the single most dominant thing in society.

It can be the difference between reaching out to ten people and a hundred. Establishing a social media presence, taking the initiative to show your facilities, offering your services to people, as well as a chatting service - a non-personal, non-threatening way of communication - is also guaranteed to make you known for those in need. After all, you are offering a service, reaching out is only a part of the job.

Advertisement is also another great tool at your disposal. If you’re an owner of a rehab center or you’re a psychologist who works there then consider pitching the idea of using advertisement to connect to people. You can construct an ad that simply describes what rehab is like. This is a powerful tool because you’re deconstructing assumptions, stigmas, and general negative definitions that people have associated with places like this.

Besides, building an online presence can enhance your visibility online. So while it’s easy to neglect your websites or settle for the basic content, you’ll find that a reliable drug rehab SEO company swears by the impact that catering to a search engine’s algorithm has on website traffic. With that being said, you might want to think about showcasing what the place is like; the rooms, gardens, etc.


It’d also be helpful to have professionals and patients talking about their experience within this place. For instance, doctors can inform the audience about the kind of activities and conversations that take place within therapy. Specialists can also inform people about medications and let them in on the different procedures that patients go through. The ad can also involve patients talking about their experience and describe their journey to the viewers. Getting different people talking about life there can help others connect with rehabilitation centers easily. This ad can help normalize the idea of going to places like this; it also informs people about details that they might have not known before.

Free Group Therapy

There are a lot of people who are scared of being vulnerable and can’t comprehend there is someone out there who can help them. Generally, things like therapy and rehab centers are ambiguous. People have a lot of question marks regarding sessions of this nature. This is why inviting people to free group therapy might prove useful. Not to mention, fears of commitments and of being trapped are a couple of major turn-offs for the majority.

Consider advertising about free group therapy or maybe even hand out flyers that have a brief introduction about what this session will entail. Encouraging people to attend sessions like this might make them see how normal things are and eventually, breakdown this scary idea that looms over therapy in rehab. You could also leave information about your center in the flyers, that people can go there if they have any questions. This could easily connect a myriad of people to your rehab center and it might help out a lot of people who need this kind of service.

Joining Forces

If you’re finding it particularly difficult to get people to connect with rehab centers, then you might want to consider joining forces with universities, community centers, or maybe even religious centers. Not only will this help you reach more people, but you’re also ensuring that you’re spreading the right kind of information to others. You’re also reaching more people and approaching them with comforting truths and interesting facts about the center. Remember to leave cards and flyers behind that people can use if they want to be connected with the center.


Since everyone seems to have their own idea about rehab centers, it’s important to redirect and redefine people’s understandings of what a rehabilitation facility is. If you want more people to connect with your services, then it’s essential that you educate the public on the subject. There are many platforms that you could use to get your message through. You could write up an article about the place and submit it to a magazine or a newspaper.

Consider hiring a journalist who can do a piece about the center. You can even use your connections to land yourself an interview on the radio or TV where you can educate people about the subject. It’s also important to remember that you can create your own platform, so you can hold a campaign where you hand out flyers and talk to people about the center.

Disarming the Stigma

One of the most discouraging things about rehab centers is the awful stigma that hovers over it. Unfortunately, people don’t look at this place with a kind eye; they think that it’s crawling with people who pose a danger to society and that it’s generally the kind of place that nobody wants to be associated with. These kinds of judgments and prejudices that people have are strong enough to scare people away from these centers.

This why a lot of people would rather deal with their problems by themselves instead of reaching out. Usually, people who are thinking about admitting themselves to a rehab center hold back because they’re carrying the burden of Outsider’s opinion. They think that will not have a place in society and that they’ll always be the black sheep of any group they might belong to in the future. They also feel like they won’t find jobs, or that people will constantly be gossiping about them and their past. This is a big issue that needs to be addressed publicly by rehabilitation centers. If people started normalizing this experience and accepting the fact that some individuals need this kind of assistance, a lot of people would be more encouraged to be within this facility.

Right Kind of Strategies

All in all, reconnecting people with rehabilitation centers is not very challenging to do. You just need to approach this matter with patience and openness. It’s also important that you have the right kind of strategies that will spark people’s interest in your center. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can approach this. For instance, consider providing free group therapy for people; write up flyers advertising the free session and get people to attend. This will help them familiarize themselves with therapy and gain information about what goes on in rehab centers. You can also educate people about rehab centers; you can inform them about the kinds of activities that take place there.

Utilize Platforms

There are a bunch of great platforms where you can educate people through, for instance, contact journalists, and other media people who can provide a place for you to reconstruct people’s ideas about these centers. Also, don’t forget that one of the biggest reasons behind people’s aversion towards rehab centers is the horrible stigma that revolves around the subject. Finally, you need to make sure that the rehabilitation centers are always available for people through social media. You can also have emails, phone numbers, and addresses of the rehab center so that people can reach the place whenever they need to and stay connected with them.

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