Top Reasons Why Any Effective SEO Strategy Needs Time

Top Reasons Why Any Effective SEO Strategy Needs Time

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Last Updated: December 18, 2020
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We live in a digital age. Everything that we do, everything that we buy, and almost everything that we see is arranged on an algorithm meant to maximize our engagement. This is what makes the Internet go around. What are the things that you can do right now, in the infinite span of the World Wide Web, to get eyeballs on your website? The answer is and has been for quite some time, search engine optimization. SEO is a really big buzz term these days. Here we will explore the reasons, both big and small, why SEO works. But most importantly, we’ll show why it takes time.


Everyone wants to get their hands on a good SEO strategy. The thing is, search engine optimization doesn’t happen overnight. Because of the buzzword mentality, some people think that you employ a strategy, and the next day you have 1 million customers.

This is not the case.

So why does SEO work?

Search engine optimization works on the behavior patterns of the people it targets. When we use the Internet, we tend to use the index, “searchable and “websites. Even when we know the website, we pretty much typing in the search engine box and click the first link at the top.

It’s half assurance, half familiarity. More often than not, people don’t know what they are looking for. They have a vague idea of what they are surging, but it’s never a targeted, on-site thing.

This means that they’re going to type in maybe four or five things into a search bar before actually getting to the right link. It’s in this behavior that SEO shines. This is true anywhere in the world.

Regional Keywords and Phrases

If you’re a search engine optimization service, you want your client’s website to be the first thing that people see when they type anything into a search box. But the Internet is so vast. So how do you get people to see what you wanted to see? You do this by targeting certain phrases and keywords. This aspect of SEO is more closely linked to colloquialisms than anything else.

This is why SEO is not only tailored for an item, it’s tailored to a region. For instance, quoracreative is going to maximize the phrases that are used more often in the area as well as the surrounding areas. But across the world, there might be different terms used to describe the subject matter. Therefore, one can be sure that the market that is targeted and the people that are reached are the ones you want to see your website.

Novel Phrases and Authority

Finding novel phrases in the lexicon of a given language is the Golden goose of getting a website recognized. Naturally, if your website is indexed and it’s something fairly common, there will be a few other websites that may thrive off of the same search phrases. Because of this, you have to build “authority“. Authority and interaction or how you climb up the ladder of SCO. Authority essentially is an objective measure of how well utilized your website is.

Some of the rules change from year to year, but the basic concept remains the same: the more people look at your website, the more important it must be, therefore it gets higher on search engine results. Facilitating this engagement is akin to “buzz“ on social media. People look at it, find it interesting, and keep going back to it for more info. Eventually, people will start using a website for links. When people want to cite a source or link to a page that they liked, it’s your website that you want on their minds.

Time and Quality

Okay, cool. Search engine optimization is amazing. It is the primary tool for getting ahead in the world. But why does it take so long? Why can’t somebody find phrases, build authority, and become number one overnight? We have to look at the hurdles to adequately explain the amount of time it takes to hit your highest points in the search.

We mentioned earlier that search engine rankings can change at any time. This is due, in part, to The rising tide of technology. Just a few years ago, voice searches weren’t a thing. People would sit down and they would type out what they wanted to know. This is still true today. But unlike a few years ago, a whole massive subset of people search using voice. This means that the vernacular, syntax usage and Keyphrases completely changed per subject and website. This also means, voice search SEO is one of the most important SEO aspects for present andans future SEO strategies.

All of a sudden, slang and verbal patterns of communication began to flood into the algorithm. It started to shift the tide of how people look for stuff. What was once at the top no longer was. The next frontier could look even stranger. It could be the use of a Camera and images more than text. If you can attribute key phrases to an image, as they do in every search engine, then maybe the images themselves can yield a lead better than a phrase. When that happens, the entire thing will shift once again, adding to the amount of time it takes to get to the top.

The People Aspect

What we tend to forget about Internet-based work is that it still revolves around people. We have yet to establish a system based girly on artificial intelligence that can, reliably and accurately, provide an SCO service. So when it comes to people, we have to work at the pace of humans. We cannot forget that. So the manpower aspect of search engine optimization, like with any industry, takes a little bit of time. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. We may want to have the fastest service possible, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best idea.

How could you negotiate with a purely AI-based system? How would one even be able to accurately interpret what a client wants? That’s a massive hurdle. That’s what, more often than not, delays any business service. The same rules apply to the digital.

Research and Development

What is the most time-consuming aspect of any business? It’s research and development. What we talk about research and development in a physical product, we’re talking about time and resources spent to find out what is the most optimum means of solving the problem. How can one's product answer the questions of the market? This is the same as search engine optimization. Search engine optimization companies have to figure out what it is the clients want to give the grander scheme of the digital space. It’s almost like creating templates of execution for clients. It would take even longer if everything was learning to ride a bike all over again. Research and development are how companies get better. It’s how people get a better product. Even with SEO, companies are continuously getting better.

This is, of course, to provide a better service for you.

Effective Strategy

The strategy is a big aspect of search engine optimization. As we’ve established, you’re not going to have results overnight. So the question becomes: “how do you maximize results over time?” The answer invariably becomes: with an even better foundation building a foundation for any SEO program is key.

It is the most important means of tracking how well you can do in the future. If you can get a bunch of eyeballs on your contacts early on, people will share. You have to have the volume to get any of it done. So establishing these kinds of connections to link back to your business or website, because it’s done manually, sets the foreground for future strategies.

All About Content

So we have talked about strategies, the human aspect, and the quality aspect of SEO. What does that even mean? What does that look like to the everyday user? It’s content. When we say that content is everything on the Internet, we are not kidding. People build authority by writing articles, making videos, and even making memes.

A lot of these are custom made for the client. For instance, if you have a website about fish tanks, you’re going to have articles written about how to take care of fish tanks, naturally. These websites have to make sense as well. So if you write articles about how to take care of fish tanks, you may want to link to a website that sells fish tank cleaner. These articles are shared, shared, and shared some more. Videos get embedded and shared some more. That’s the nitty-gritty of SEO.

Final Words

So we have established that Getting your website recognized takes time. It is a long haul grinder that pays off her over months or even years. I’m sure that you have seen a website you go to all the time saying “established 2001”. That’s how long it took these websites to get to you. Now, the process doesn’t take as sluggish a time. But it still takes time. So be patient, be honest, and trust the process that you pay for. In the end, if you do not like the service, you can always work with the team to be better.

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