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How To Build A Social Media Strategy For Your Startup To Rock

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Last Updated: December 22, 2019
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Enter social media marketing for startups. It can help create digital customer experiences that will stand out. In no time, you’ll establish your company as one that intends to stay.

Alma Causey

The first half of the year is already gone. Now, you are left with the tail-end of the second half. But time’s moving rapidly, and as a new brand, you should be thinking about the best way to take your startup to the next level.

What are the best social media marketing tips for startup ?

First, accept that social media marketing trends are transient. Its rules change with rapid speed, and brands need to keep up with them. How you engage with your new, shiny customers now is not how you would have approached them a year ago.

Some of that is because new technologies and platforms continually arrive on the social scene. But part of it is all due to the endless stream of data that you now have access to the courtesy of those very social platforms. What doesn’t change is that your customers’ expectations continue to rise. Social media marketing requires brands like yours to do more with what you have than make announcements. A two-way, this tool will allow you to truly engage with your customers.

Let’s consider the following tips and how they can elevate your startup early in the game:

Accelerated brand awareness

Paid media is highly useful and is just a new facet of traditional advertising. But while it has its uses, it also has the same limitations. There is a limit to the money a fledgling company can spend on paid advertising.

Social media marketing, on the other hand, comes with much fewer rules. You don’t just hinge all your hopes on paid content. Your company can also reap the rewards with earned, owned, and shared content.

While you dip your toe in the social marketing waters, we’d suggest you tap into all types. A multichannel approach like that can maximize engagement. And later, when you’ve found the channel that most of your customers choose to interact with you, turn all your focus to it.

One way for accelerating brand awareness is to be smart about what you publish – and how you go about it. It helps if startups take time to see who their audience is. The data that you get from multiple channels will be your guide in this. Then move on to finding out what they expect from you. It will help you deliver relevant content that results in maximum engagement. Lastly, come to the when and the where parts of this equation. The right answers to those W-based questions will increase the range of your message. As an example, just look at how leather skin shop all other such online stores interact with their customers.

Community construction and not a race for followers

The best way to ensure loyalty from your customers is by providing flawless service. But as a startup looking to make its mark, you probably have that bit down. The other thing that helps is building a community instead of aiming at gaining followers. A great strategy is creating a group on social media websites, like Facebook. Get it running and then scrounge up ways to provide value to the potentials who engage with your brand. Post content that inspires the existing followers and draws in new ones. For instance, the Growth hacking & Outbound marketing group on Facebook was put together by the founder of a lead generation tool. The creator shares growth hacking tips daily that are valuable to his audience of potential buyers.

Improved customer service

Even many well-established brands can have a stained history when it comes to customer service issues. With a brand just a click away, customers expect timely responses not only to their queries. They also expect that the company will take time to settle their ruffled feathers. Resolve concerns by reaching out to your upset customers. Your action will convince them to become your customers – or stay one.

Most customers will only buy from brands they like. At a certain time, your product takes a backseat, and your actions matter more. Social media can help you listen to your customers and create opportunities for real-time engagement.

Those are also the first steps to garnering – and keeping -- a competitive edge. You will have the chance to connect with your customers one-on-one. Don’t hide from bad reviews or scathing comments. Handle them properly and with grace.

As you get better at this, you will find your company’s customer service begins to anticipate customer needs.

Analysis of customer needs

Social media marketing allows you to run a customer-need analysis on your company’s pages. When customers visit them and leave comments, don’t just stop at reading. Instead, directly communicate with them to build relations with them. Ask them about their preferences and how well your product and services meet them.

Once you know what your customers really need, you can improve existing product lines. In fact, you can even build better ones in the future – ones that are customized to what your consumers want.

Different platforms offer different ways to startups who value customer feedback. On Facebook, the insights feature offers you detailed metrics about how well your posts did. You can gauge the engagement each post earned individually. On Twitter, you might want to create polls using survey monkey for understanding your customer needs. Here are some marketing tips that make this happen on Instagram, as well!

Increased engagement

More and more marketers plan to increase the budget they allot to influencer marketing. But what makes this strategy so hot, you ask? A brand seeking to engage its audiences with authentic content will soon realize the position that influencers hold in social media today. By collaborating with influencers, you can tap into their usually-long list of followers. But be warned that there is much room for error. Your brand leaves itself open to complaints of the first-time influencer engagement effect. Therefore, don’t aim at one-and-done sponsorships. Instead, we’d suggest developing long-term relationships with multi-touch collaborations in the time remaining to you this year.

Wrapping up

Social media marketing offers you so many routes within the world of your customers. Don’t be afraid to walk down those paths and emerge as a better organization – one that cares!

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