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How to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon all year long?

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Last Updated: December 22, 2019
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So, how do you find the best products to sell on Amazon? This blog post is about that. But we won’t be bluffing. We won’t sell you fluff. We will only talk about stuff that works!

Alma Causey

Substandard products are everywhere, and Amazon is filled to the brim with them. You don't want to be a seller that sells this kind of product, do you?

Amazon works just like every other ecommerce store. In the old days, Amazon buyers didn't know about AliExpress, DHGate, and other Chinese brands, and that was a time when you could have fooled them by selling the items from AliExpress on Amazon at higher prices. But gone are the days.

Today, these people are smart. Even in the USA, they now buy products of their choice on AliExpress, and they can even buy them without a problem. So, how do you find the best products to sell on Amazon? This blog is about that. But we won’t be bluffing. We won’t sell you fluff. We will only talk about stuff that works!

Read on to have a know-how.

Select a Niche or Even Go General

This one is obvious. After reading the title, you must be like ‘John, don’t sell me what I already know.

Yes, I know that, Drake!

What I want to tell you about is that niche and general both work on Amazon in 2020! You can go niche and carve out a sub-niche of your choice. Or, you can go general and make an empire selling evergreen items. Both are subtle ways to sell more on Amazon.

First, let’s discuss what you will get when you go niche.

  • You will get more potential customers
  • Your visitors will be more likely to buy your products
  • Niche items have higher cross-sell ratio

Now, let’s discuss what you will get when you go general.

  • Your store will be filled with multiple categories
  • You can sell more discounted items
  • You will have more room to play and try out different product tests

Scout Products to Sell - Use Product Hunters

Anyone who says take an item from AliExpress’s top seller list and sell it on your store LIES!

Not everything sells well, even on AliExpress. That is why you need to use product hunting websites to sell your products.

Product hunting websites will charge you a flat monthly fee for telling you about products that sell the most. Some of the most prominent product hunting websites are Ecomhunt, Pexda, Nichescraper, and Thieve. You don't have to subscribe to all of them to start selling on Amazon. Just subscribe to one. Find some best products to sell in 2019, get their replicas from AliExpress or other places, and start selling them on Amazon.

Price Them Right

If you are not sure what price you should be asking from customers, check what the actual price of the product on AliExpress and other Chinese ecommerce stores is. Now, add 50% more price to it. This will allow you to sell an item for double the price. Even if you provide free shipping with these products, you will still make a decent profit.

You need to know that Amazon is charging 15% of the total price of the product if you sell by Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) option.

Amazon Isn’t Changing - You Can Still Win Big

Amazon isn't changing; your thinking is! Many people will scare you that you can't make huge earnings on Amazon any longer because many other players are in the market. But many are still making huge by selling on Amazon. If you are unsure of how to get started, you can always get help.

For starters, I would suggest getting the JungleScout tool to search for product items and keywords.

It offers many features that you can use to sell, for example, learning when your listing is having a problem. Or when you receive negative reviews. The program notifies you so that you can make correct changes without a problem.

Be a Ruthless Copycat

Do you know how China became one of the biggest economies of the world? It copied shamelessly without ever fearing anyone. That's one of the biggest reasons people love their products. They are replicas, they are cheap, but they work!

You will need to do the same. How? Get a competitor that is doing well. Now copy everything about that store. What this will do is that it will bring you to par with that store (if not above it). But instead of creating a strategy from scratch, you will have something to start with.

Test, Test And More Test

The only way to find if a product is selling well is if you SELL IT on your ecommerce store. There are many potential products that people are not selling because they are reluctant to test them. Ironically, the same people are always searching for WINNING products to sell on their ecommerce stores.

Replicate Best Sellers on Amazon

The best way to find the products that sell the most on Amazon is from the Amazon Bestseller page itself.

There are hundreds of categories on Amazon, and each one has a bestseller page. If you are still not sure how to find the bestselling products on Amazon in 2020, you can get help from these product pages. Find a product from the list and sell it for a lower price. Soon, your product will start ranking for all the keywords on which that product is ranking, and you can reap huge profits.


People love to buy products online in 2019. If you have the right tools and the correct skillset, you can easily make a killing in sales. Make sure that you follow these tips when creating your list of the bestseller items to sell on Amazon.

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