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Sensible Guest Posting Service

Be honest with yourself! There are only two things that matter the most: A great link portfolio & content created for search & user intent. And this is how we like to do it.

DA, TF, Organic Traffic And Niche Relevance- Verified

The sites in our pool are all authentic sites with verified organic traffic. All sites are vetted for traffic (SimilarWeb estimates), Organic rankings, Domain Authority (DA) and Trust Flow (TF) via Moz.

Further Site Content Evaluation

Do you know, a high Domain Authority (DA) does not necessarily mean a great place for guest posts and backlink? All sites we shortlist for guest post publication have to be perfect. We go through the quality, quantity and the frequency of the content already published to establish how real a site is.

Manually Outreached Blogs

We are a complete manual blogger outreach service. We have, over the years, worked hard and built long-term working relationships with thousands of website editors and owners.

100% Original Content Written By Native English Speaking Writers

It’s a two way street. Our writers are all native english speakers and experienced. We provide high quality content to the editors and site owners and in return they are happy to furnish the content with our desired link.

Long Form Content That Earns Natural Links and Traffic

We don’t do 500, 750, 1000 words content pieces. What can you gain from a short article of 500-1000 words? Long form, informative and in depth content is what wins in the long run. It attracts more traffic and links. This helps our guest post publishers with traffic and rankings. This in return, helps our clients with links coming from popular, high authority pages. –Moral of the story? We only do 1500+ words content.

Wide Connections With publisher Community

We have a large portfolio of willing publishers with sites across all walks of life. But for us, it is not just a resource or database. For us, It’s a community. We were once publishers only. We learned what clicks and what doesn't and what a publisher needs and loves. This means a permanent, guaranteed placement for our clients.

Powerful In-Content Links With Contextual and Relevant Placements

We have a huge resource of guest posting sites which helps us cover a wide variety of subjects and topics. Having a varied niche collection helps us create high quality, powerful content with context and an opportunity to place in-content links and relevant Placements for our clients.

Transparency & Quality Control For Reporting

We have a strong system in place for reporting and evaluation by the clients. When we update you about a task completion, we not only inform you about the live link(s), we also inform you about the details such as DA, Traffic, TF, Site Niche, Age and History.

Realistic Timeframe and On-Time Delivery

Our normal delivery time is between 3-6 weeks. It may sound a bit long but not long enough if you are looking for links that have value and content that is worthy. A realistic timeframe means that we can always deliver on time what we p-omise.

9+ Years of Guest Posting and Content Marketing Experience

It was a long journey. After 10+ years of experimenting with every possible thing, what we have learned is –Google is the Boss. –Do the things right, –Treat your publishers right –Serve your clients honestly. They always come back for more, along with more friends.

Guest Posting Process

It’s a lengthy process. As of 2020, there are no shortcuts. If you are not willing to allocate time or resources for an honest and dedicated link building, you will be falling behind your competitors.

It Begins With a Hello!

The guest posting process starts with you filling our contact form and providing us with the basic information. That information helps us determine your needs and what homework we need to do. We do our homework and contact you for further details.

Our Homework and Detailed Discussion

If this is your first time contacting us, we will need to discuss a few things in detail. We would need to know who you are, what your goals are with blogger outreach and guest posting and where in your online world can we happily fit in.

Order Placement and Payment

If the outcome is positive, we will send you a formal email containing order details and payment method. Once you reply with the confirmation and payment is received, we start working on the task.

Blogger outreach, Content Creation And Publishing

We start with your URL and anchor text for the link. We do our research and pick most qualified sites (blogger outreach) for the guest post(s). We’ll discuss the option with you. At this stage, you can approve or reject the possible choices . In case you reject, we return to the drawing table and get back with more options. If you approve, we give a green light to our writers to create content and when ready, get it published.

Quality assurance and reporting

With every order fulfilment, we report back to our clients with information about the live link(s), Website profile, DA, TF, Traffic profile, Rankings and other metrics. If something is not up to our promise, we are happy to fix it.

Guest Post Prices

Particulars Publishing Fee Article Cost Total Cost

1000+ traffic



  • Search intent focused content
  • DA, TF, Organic Traffic, Niche Verified
  • Long Form 1500+ words content
  • Manually outreached sites
  • Powerful in-content links
  • Contextual and relevant placements
  • 1 Year link guarantee
  • Delivery time: 3-6 weeks


2000+ traffic



3000+ traffic



Guest Posting Frequently Asked Questions

What metrics do you verify and provide for a website?

We work on all the major metrics of a website, Some of them are –Domain Authority(DA), Trust Flow(TF), Historical Traffic(SimilarWeb), Site Age, Content Quality, Content Publishing Frequency and Niche and Topics.

How do you verify if a site is genuine and avoid PBNs?

We review the website content in detail to determine the quality and frequency of published content. We ensure the sites are following search engines guidelines. Website history is also reviewed to find any penalties or serious fluctuation in DA and rankings. This helps us to weed out spam or PBNs sites.

How are you different from other guest posting service providers?

We like to be straightforward and open with our customers. Before we accept your order, we formally discuss everything in detail including what you will be paying for. These are a few things that make us stand apart. With us, you have the right to make or reject the sites for your guest post. –No surprises –No disappointments. We also cover all the necessary metrics: –Domain Authority(DA) –Trust Flow(TF) –Historical Traffic(SimilarWeb) –Site Age –Content Quality etc. We also provide Link Guarantee. When it comes to content, we don't do short 500/750/1000 word articles. We only do long form, indepth, 1500+ words articles.

Explain you blogger outreach process?

Our blogger outreach journey starts with learning first about your website, your link particulars and your niche. Having a clear understanding about you helps us target the right publishers, in the right niche. Thereafter we derive a solid plan, set realistic goals and timelines. A thoughtful approach and well defined strategy is something we fully rely on while fulfilling every order, no matter what the size.

We have a dedicated and expert blogger outreach team. We personally pitch each and every prospective editor and site owner on our shortlist. We are very clear what we are looking for and what we have to offer in return. We listen carefully and follow what our publishers have to say, their requirements and any guidelines. Caring for them is caring ourselves.

Tell us about the content you produce for guest posting?

When we have green light from a publisher, we request our writers to work on a high quality, informative and in depth article that can rock with readers, search engines and the publishers. We do not do tiny weeny articles. Article below 1500 word count is tiny by our definition. We create content that ranks. We create content that wins organic traffic. We create content that earns natural links.

Do you provide link guarantee?

We are responsible for all the commitments we make. Our commitment doesn't end just after the link goes live. We guarantee to fix it, if a link goes missing within 1 year. If we cannot fix it, we will provide you with an alternative link, with the same credentials, for no extra cost.

What niches do you accept for guest posting?

We accept all kinds of niches for guest posting.You can request guest posts for almost any niche. We will always discuss with you about the niche when we take your order. You can give us a shout if you need any advice on that.

In what languages do you provide guest posting service?

All of our writers are native english speakers so unfortunately or fortunately, we can only provide guest post and blogger outreach services in English.

How long do you take to publish a guest post?

If someone offers you 3-7 days time, they are probably ripping you off by providing links via PBNs or other dodgy websites. A good guest posting service requires –honest and manual blogger outreach, –site verification and –creating great content. This takes time and resources. It needs proper hard work for which we have to sit down and work. Our typical turnaround time is 3-6 weeks.

How long will it take for my page to rank?

No one, who knows a thing or two about content marketing, guest posting and SEO can answer this. No one in their right mind can promise you rankings. If they do, we advise you to run away from them with the speed of the light and never look back. There are uncountable factors (200+) like your on-page seo, content quality, other backlinks, keyword competition, domain age to name a few. Having said that, and just for reference: a good link profile combined with great content are the top 2 factors for ranking, agreed by most SEO experts.

Do you provide content creation services as well?

Yes, content creation is one of our main specialities. We have a great team of in-house writers who are highly skilled and have years of experience under their belt. All of our writers are native english speakers and mainly from the USA, UK, Ireland, Australia and NewZealand. They have worked on small to large projects with niches ranging from marketing, realestate, food and aviation.

Can we provide our own content?

Unfortunately we do not accept content from clients. There's a reason for that. We care for our publishers and we maintain strong and long term partnership with them. One of the reasons for this strong partnership is that we care for their readership like we would take care of our own readers. We go an extra mile to make sure the content is of highest quality, helps their readers and serves user intent. And we can only guarantee this by crafting the best content ourselves.

How many links can we add in a guest post?

You can advise us with one –Target URL and it’s relevant –Anchor Text, per guest post. Our guest post might contain more than one link depending upon the article, topic and niche.

Is Guest posting a safe practice?

Guest posting is completely safe practice but it depends upon how we do it. PBN’s, copied content, way too much guest posting, persistent backlink text, non niche links and directory submissions are some of the ways that get you electrocuted by Google. On the other hand, link building in moderation, from high quality, unique and in depth content, published on verified, high authority(DA) sites is safe and always a recommended practice.

What is your refund policy?

Our sales are final once the work has begun on your order. Though we promise a refund if your link goes missing in 1 year after publishing and we are not able to fix it or provide you with an alternative.

Guest Posting Guide

Because we actually do our homework, discuss with you, sit down and work to win good placements on good sites

Why is guest posting stressful?

Guest posting can be stress free but we all know this is normally not the case. There are two reasons for that. –First, most people do not know much about guest posting, link building, white hat practices, domain authorities and other related stuff, so don't get value for money. –Second, those who offer guest posting services, fail to provide an honest service.

Why do most companies fail to provide good guest posting service?

Most guest posting companies fail because a good guest posting service requires actual hard work to gain good links on sites with good reputation and authority –That of course requires resources in both time and money, which means higher costs. For them, "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush". So companies end up giving away lollipops instead –Links that are worthless.

Why long term relationship with clients matters?

We should only build links that can provide real benefits to your own website. If anything our experience has taught us is that , “a client is for life”. This rule, which we follow religiously, has helped us build very strong relationships with our clients. This also means a constant, ever expanding workflow for us.

Why do long term relationships with publisher matters?

Like any other business relation, a good working relationship and reputation with a publisher is crucial for a success link building campaign. Siter owners are busy folk. They receive tons of guest post requests daily. Selecting a good post is like searching a needle in a haystack. It’s no surprise that many publishers actually avoid guest posts as it takes more time to read and edit a few than to write one on your own. But if you can get in their good books, they are happy to take content from you on a repeated basis.

How to select guest posting sites?

When selecting sites for guest posting, always make sure you analyze a site properly. Some of the metrics to verify are: organic rankings and traffic (SimilarWeb traffic estimates). Also remember to verify Domain Authority(DA) and Page Authority(PA) via Moz, SemRush or Ahrefs . Don’t just stop there. Further review the website content in detail to determine the quality and frequency of content published and to ensure the site is following search engines guidelines. Website history should also be reviewed to find any penalties or drop or unexplainable fluctuations in Domain Authority rankings. Take your time and weed out any spam or PBNs sites.–remember once we have a good website that is willing to publish your content with a do follow link, never, ever, lose that connection with the website.